6 Marketing Tools that 21st Century Businesses Now Need

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 6 Marketing Tools that 21st Century Businesses Now Need | Does your company rely on outdated tools for marketing? As technology advances in our everyday lives, we tend to forget that times change for businesses too. Your audience enjoys new platforms and follow the latest trends. Are you still relevant?

Various tools are available to market your business in the right way. Yes, it can be an overwhelming task to get the best-suited tool to market your business. From lead generation to online videos, your options are becoming endless.

Frustration may set in as you sit back and stare at your sales figures and you don’t see the result you were hoping for. Question: are you using the tools that have been made available to you? Let’s help you. Sit back and get blasted with information that will calm those hair pulling tendencies. There is hope in the 21st century to get in touch with more potential clients if you use our six marketing tools. Your business can enjoy the results when you employ these tips.

Social Media Marketing

Who doesn’t enjoy social media? Over three billion people around the world use social media. With proper planning & the right content, social media marketing can bring your business great success in terms of leads and exposure.

Let’s be honest: gaining followers and a positive response won’t automatically pay the bills but you’ll get your brand noticed when you do social media marketing the right way. Managing social media marketing can be difficult so best you use the management apps available out there.

Online Marketing

The internet is one of the most useful tools you have access to. When people need a service or product they search the World Wide Web. Everyone has heard the saying ‘Google it’ right?

Your options in using this resource are endless. There are thousands of platforms and lead generation companies that help you market your service or product. For example, webinar marketing has become a new trend in the business world for online marketing. Get creative and stay updated with the trends if you want to prove you’re relevant to today’s consumers. 

Marketing your business online is a clever decision for over 50% of the world’s population is connected to the internet—turn them into your customers: they are there for the taking.

Email Marketing

Email is used by about 3.9 billion people worldwide and emails are the main source of communication with B2B and B2C marketing. You just have to be smart when using this method. Consumers may see email marketing as spam, so use this as a guideline when you use this tool:

  • Create captivating content with images and videos
  • Think about the right time to send an email and don’t send too often
  • Make sure there’s a call to action so they can instantly connect with you without any effort on their part


‘I am not interested, please do not call me again!’—you have said that before when receiving telesales calls, right? But if you do it the right way, then you will not be the one receiving similar comments when your business employs telemarketing.

‘Cold calling’ is not the easiest marketing strategy out there, but still one of the most effective when done the right way. Starting a call with a boring, well-known sales pitch kills the sale in its tracks. Your marketing strategy needs to be interesting from the start, catching the attention of the consumer and ensuring the caller speaks to the client’s needs.

Video Marketing

How many times have you skipped an advert as you watch a video on YouTube? Many of these adverts are like spam in your inbox. But let’s be honest: some of those adverts were absorbing your attention and you could not help yourself to watch it further.

Be creative with your videos and stay away from the annoying boring adverts. It’s important to have fun and exciting content, so employing experts usually pays off. Also, use it where you know most of your potential audience will pay attention: is it YouTube, Facebook or TV screens in a mall?

Lead Generation

Indecisive and overwhelmed by the stated marketing tools? There are options for 21st-century businesses to pick from which make marketing much easier.

Turn to a lead generation company. These experts know all about marketing needs.

To give you some sense of freedom and relief, know that marketing is their job and they will put 100% focus on your business needs. They familiarise themselves with what you need to market, which consumer niche is most likely to find it valuable and where to find these individuals.

A lead generation company obtains leads that have a high chance of turning into confirmed sales. That’s more effective than marketing your wares to the general public, many of which won’t have any need of your product or service.

It can become a costly exercise when using marketing tools incorrectly, so rather trust the experts.


Making use of marketing tools is essential to your business. They exist to relay information to the public and create awareness of your services or products.

It is not an easy task to plan a failsafe marketing strategy. But it’s worth the effort: it will save your company money when you can maintain a loyal client base. Which tool will you implement first?