6 Reasons to attend Leadership Training Programs

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Dr. Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ph. D. | World Executives Digest | Leadership Training Programs | In any organization, leaders usually provide the direction towards the achievement of its goals and objectives. Leaders influence the attitudes and behavior of their subordinates. Thus, effective and efficient leaders have to continue enhancing their skills and abilities through leadership training programs to meet the organization’s goals and develop their people.

Managers, as they are leaders of their unit, see to it that they participate in career planning workshops, career counseling, and training.  Such experiences provide them a strong conviction about the benefits for themselves, to management, to employees, and to the organization.

Aside from being an essential managerial function, here are the reasons why managers should attend leadership training programs:

  1. To improve their managerial skills and abilities.

It should develop among all the managers a sense of responsibility for active participation in making improvements; the skills needed to make improvements; and, the habit of annual improvements so that each year the organization’s quality is significantly better than the previous year.

As they develop their talents and abilities in management, they strengthen their needs for improving performance.  Four strategies for improvement may be applied, namely, repair, refinement, renovation, and reinvention. Proper integration of these strategies will produce never-ending improvements.

The [leadership training program] sessions successfully equipped our leaders with the right mindset, tools and skills which enabled them to lead their people amidst the various organizational changes that our company went through.


The team of Luz A. Morales, Human Resource Head of Cable Channels and Print Media Group & Head Organizational Development and Learning (2003-2005) of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, had undergone a 2-day Coaching and Mentoring Program from Benchmark Consulting, the premiere training, coaching and leadership development in the Philippines.

2. To strengthen their “superior-subordinate” relationship.

Training does not only enhance lines of communication, but also communicates the organization’s concern for employees.”

To date, 37 sales managers from two major divisions of Abbott have already completed the program [from Benchmark Consulting] and based on feedback and concrete results, it has greatly contributed to personal, team and organizational effectiveness in many different ways. The mindset, tools and techniques that were shared in the program paved the way for a more open, honest and trusting communication between the managers and their immediate superiors. The managers became better coaches not only in tracking the performance of their people but also in developing them. They also have developed a more proactive stance in handling their functions. All these have successfully sown the seeds of producing outstanding leaders in the future and improving business results.” shares Mary Grace D. Perez, Human Resources Manager of Abbott Laboratories, Philippines.

3. To enhance the effectiveness of work teams.

The performance of the employees is improved at the various levels of the organization.  In leadership training programs, for instance, types of models of management are thoroughly taught such as the traditional, human relations and human resources.  Any one of these three models may be used.  Many managers believe that their own people work best under the human relations model others do think that they preferred to be managed through the human resources model.

“The transformation of the members of my executive and management teams has been remarkable. Now I see them owning up the business beyond the confines of their functions, reaching out, collaborating, and coaching. Best of all, our KPIs have begun to show amazing improvements– ROI is done!” says Dr. Chandra Anamirtham, President and General Manager of HGST Philippines, A Western Digital Company, whose team also attended a leadership training program organized by Benchmark Consulting

4. To review (and possibly reconstruct) the objectives of their department. 

Managers have the opportunity to evaluate the performance of their unit in line with their organizational objectives.  How these (objectives) can be “converted into key result areas in which specific performances must be better attained.”

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5. To be trained in devising an appropriate use of control system in organizational and personnel performance (especially on the topic of performance appraisal and organizational development).

Realizing this aim for attending the training program, managers will become familiar how the performance appraisal process works; how popular technique/s for appraising performance is/are formulated and applicable by situation and, how to deal with the most common problems related with performance appraisal.  “All effective managers believe that appraisal systems can be beneficial tool for improving employee performance, attendance behavior, and job satisfaction.”

6. To re-define the scope of leadership.

Managers will enable to share their significant pragmatic experiences while discussing some of the traits or characteristics commonly found in effective leaders; compare and contrast the four leadership styles; explain the value of theories of leadership; and, describe the practical value of leader-follower continuum and the situational theory of leadership for modern managers.

“I believe all leaders should attend Coaching for Success. With the war on talents that has been going on right now, coaching is a key driver in unleashing the potentials of people who matter most to the organization,” says Buena V. Chanco, Executive Vice President, Human Resource Management and Marketing & Customer Relations Cluster Head.

Benchmark Consulting develops and executes custom-designed individual and team effectiveness training programs, leadership and coaching programs and other organizational development interventions intended to bring out the best in your organization.

With the war on talents that has been going on right now, coaching is a key driver in unleashing the potentials of people who matter most to the organization.

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