6 Useful house cleaning tips to clean like a professional cleaner

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World Executive Digest | 6 Useful house cleaning tips to clean like a professional cleaner | Who doesn’t like a house with bits and pieces lying all over the room? No space to move freely really makes one get on the nerve and you feel like discarding those at once. 

But the point is most of the time you are confused like where to start off. Just stop planning and no more procrastination on cleaning. Today we will enlighten you with the most useful house cleaning tips that will make your house look cleaned by a professional cleaner.  

Cleaning cloth:

Pay detailed attention to the cleaning cloth you are using. Instead of comprising on that try to get a good quality cotton based microfiber cleaning cloth or a good duster. Honestly, wet papers or sponges don’t do many wonders like the micro fiber-based ones. Precisely it can pick up the allergens and dirt easily from the top of the surface. Subsequently is responsible for kicking off the bacterias. While cleaning with the micro fober cloth you will see that it readily absorbs the liquid without making it too wet to handle. In terms of vasatility, micro fiber will rule the list as you can do any kind of cleaning task right from cleaning the counter tops to simple dusting. Items that you can clean with the micro fiber are the stainless steel, mirrors, windows, cabinets, granite, marvels etc. Obviously if you follow these routinely no doubt you will feel like cleaning as a professional cleaner. 

Make the area clutter free at once:

A lazy cleaner wont feel like cleaning at once, so if you are in the habit of picking up one item at a time then please stop doing that. Rather chalk out a plan and try to make the space clutter free at one shot. Suppose you are picking up the toy items of your little one from the floor, then just pile all of these in a tote bag. Then clean that area with a wet mop. Once done move on to the next segment like cleaning the kitchen counter top. Just remove all the spices box and other items aside on the dining table and clean off that area at once. For easiness, you can divide the time into tiny chunks and dedicate that particular time to clean a specific area. Like this you would be relieved from everyday cleaning hassle. 

Folding up the washed clothes:

Washed clothes lying in heaps are somewhat a common scebario in most of the homes. But don’t you think that you need to stop worrying about them. To save your time from today onwards, once you pick up the washed clothes just fold them in a pattern so that they look orderly arranged. Also,  follow the 3 way folding pattern for the towel. Adhering to these rules will ensure that you become a professional cleaner

Clean the furniture with vaccum cleaner or cotton cloth:

One more cleaning hassle is with the furniture , really it takes toll on you. But again you can use vacuum cleaner to reach the unreachable corners easily. For regular furniture cleaning you can stick to the cloth wiping method. Just take a cotton cloth and rub it gently over all the furniture. Indeed it is easy and super time saver for a cleaner

Trash container:

As a cleaner you need to make sure that you always use a trash container. While cleaning a particular room use a dedicated trash container for that. Once done throw it away. Like this you can even keep track of the rooms that you are already done with.

Cleaning the kitchen appliances:

Once in a week, ensure that you clean off the kitchen appliances. Like clean the toaster or the microoven with DIY cleaning spray. For that use lemon juice and baking soda to ensure no left over food is there inside the appliances. 


Make cleaning a super fun then a cleaner would happily do that. Don’t just start unplanned follow a proper cleaning routine.