6 Ways Orthodontic Care Can Boost Oral Health for Adults

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Sharon Williams. World Executives Digest | 6 Ways Orthodontic Care Can Boost Oral Health for Adults | Does smiling ever go out of fashion? No right? Well, then it’s never too late to improve something as timeless and important as your smile then. Most adults are stuck with the dilemma of getting orthodontic treatment to improve the health of their gums and teeth with clear braces or Invisalign that can customize the areas you want to improve.

Here are 6 reasons why adults are getting adult braces:

  • Adults are Tired of not Smiling Properly

A lot of adults have suffered from many years of feeling insecure about their smiles and resorted to hiding their teeth. A lot of these adults knew that they can use orthodontic appliances to fix their smiles but were more concerned about what their peers would have to say about them wearing braces at their ages. This shouldn’t hinder you from getting cosmetic treatment and you should definitely visit the dentist in Oakland if you want to enhance your smile.

  • To Improve Their Cosmetic Appearance

Higher self-esteem, self-confidence, and attractiveness are usually words that come to mind when you consider getting traditional braces or invisible braces. Having a better smile and better-aligned teeth can lead to better self-confidence and higher self-esteem along with a much better smile. A confident and happy smile goes a long way in engaging with strangers, friends, and family alike and will help you in various other social settings as well.

  • Better Opportunity to Care for Their Teeth and Gums

Misaligned or crowded teeth are harder to brush, floss, and keep clean. Cramped teeth and other parts of your mouth that touch in an improper way are more likely to trap food particles and also act as pockets of colonies for bacteria to inhabit. If you are unable to take care of your mouth properly, then there are higher chances of plaque building up in your mouth as well as damage and decay to your bone, enamel, and soft pulp and tissues. Adult braces can align your teeth make them easier to clean.

  • Advances in Orthodontic Technology

The field of orthodontics has advanced a lot since your childhood, namely technological advancements. The latest advances in orthodontic technology have reduced the length of treatment and increased the time between orthodontic appointments. This allows adult patients to get the orthodontic treatment that is beneficial to their lifestyle. You can also enjoy an orthodontic treatment that is compatible with both your social and professional lives. With new technology and less-expensive treatment options, there really is no reason not to explore your options.

  • To Prevent Other Dental Problems

Timely orthodontic treatment can prevent the following dental problems:

    1. Front teeth tend to overlap and protrude with an overbite and increase the chances of fractures or trauma
    2. This is vice versa with people suffering from an underbite as their upper front teeth are behind their lower front teeth. This creates an imbalanced facial impression which can lead to difficulty in biting chewing along with increased facial aging.
    3. A crossbite occurs when the upper tooth is behind your lower tooth. This is an awkward angle for your teeth and can increase the chances of both your teeth fracturing.
    4. Patients who suffer from an open it can only smile without the front teeth touching. This can lead to speech problems like lisping as well as chewing problems.
  • Latest Forms of Treatment

Traditional braces are no longer the only treatment options available to you clear aligners and self-ligating braces can now be used to treat patients who want to experience faster treatment but aren’t worried about the appearance of traditional braces.

If you are more concerned about the aesthetics of wearing braces then don’t worry as you can also opt to use a series of clear plastic retainers to straighten your teeth without having a mouthful of metal. Invisalign is also another option to treat gaps between the teeth, underbites, and overbites, crossbites, open bites, and crowded teeth.

A lot of adults still opt for traditional braces due to their durability but you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional braces anymore as you can opt for Damon braces for faster treatment. You can also choose to straighten your teeth without having a mouthful of metal with Invisalign, so don’t delay and get that dream smile that you’ve always wanted!

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