7 Best Free Music Streaming Services

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worldexecutivesdigest.com | 7 Best Free Music Streaming Services | Want to stream music for free — and legally? The best free music streaming service is included in this list of available services; check them out yourself!

According to recent reports, Americans are now streaming and listening to music more than they ever have. That’s proof that streaming has not only changed the music industry itself—but the lives of its listeners.

Nielsen Music found that Americans spend slightly more than 32 hours a week listening to music! That’s a significant increase in general, and even within the last two years. Streaming has changed the name of the listening game.

Speaking of streaming—what’s the best free music streaming service? Are you looking for ways to expand your music library? How can you do so at an affordable price point?

In this guide, we highlight seven of the best music sites, many of which you’re likely familiar with already. Put in your headphones and keep reading.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is nothing like the (illegal?) moving-streaming Putlockers website. It’s completely legitimate, and you’ve probably heard of it already—unless you’ve been living under a rock.

With this music-streaming app, you’ll have access to over 50 million songs, as well as a hearty podcast selection of over 700,000 titles. According to some sources, Spotify adds up to 40,000 new songs a day, so your listening experience will never get stale.

You can listen to Spotify for free, no credit card required. However, you’ll have to listen to an ad or two (or three), and you’re limited on some actions, such as the ability to shuffle endlessly. You also can’t skip songs as much as you can in the paid version, but hey—it’s still an excellent option.

  1. Pandora

Another fantastic site with free music to listen to is Pandora.

The subscription entitled Free Pandora is Pandora’s ad-supported radio service. You can listen for free—with some exceptions. You’ll be able to:

  • Make your own playlists
  • Rate music, which helps Pandora curate selections for you
  • Listen to music freely, with the addition of some ads

In general, it’s very similar to your ability to navigate the Spotify app. You’ll get access to tons of fantastic artists, genres, and songs, but you won’t have as much flexibility as the paid versions.

  1. YouTube Music

First, YouTube did videos, and now they’re getting into music. What can’t they do?

With YouTube Music, you’re able to browse songs (and accompanying music videos) with the ability to stream them for free. There are live performances, specifically-tailored playlists based on your preferences, Top 20 and Top 100 charts, and more.

Like the other apps so far, YouTube Music is free to stream, but you’ll have to listen to some ads in exchange. You can also download music to listen to it while offline. By upgrading to the Premium version, you can enjoy ad-free listening.

  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music offers listeners the chance to stream and store music.

Users can store up to 50,000 songs at once (for free). Let’s be honest—do you even know 50,000 songs? That’s more than enough space in your streaming library!

Google Play Music is compatible with any device you’re on—desktop, smartphone (Android or otherwise), your TV, and more. Without their paid subscription, you can still leave to free music, with the option to skip up to six songs per hour—so use that skip button wisely!

You can make playlists or radio stations, stream free stations based on mood or activity, and get access to plenty of popular favorites.

  1. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is another fantastic music-streaming site. Listen to your favorite songs, artists, podcasts, and radio stations—no exceptions.

You can even listen to live radio. So, if you’re in the car listening to a fantastic program, you can keep the momentum going by continuing to listen via smartphone and headphones when you leave your vehicle.

iHeartRadio works across several platforms (Alexa, iOs, Android, and more), so you shouldn’t feel limited to listening in one spot.

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has one significant difference between it and the other streaming platforms listed so far. Not only is SoundCloud a place for listeners, but it’s a place for creators, too.

Anyone can listen to SoundCloud for free—and anyone with the rights to do so can also upload tracks to SoundCloud. So if you’re not just a listener of music, but a maker of music, you’ll need to check out this platform.

They offer tens of millions of tracks (!!) for free, including some that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere (such as the songs uploaded by up-and-coming artists).

  1. Amazon Prime Music

As if Amazon didn’t rule the world already, they’ve now introduced a music-streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Music includes two million hand-curated songs—if you’re already subscribed to Prime. It consists of great songs which are composed with the music of accordion for sale. So, in that sense, it’s not exactly ‘free.’ But if you already have Amazon Prime, then it’s a free upgrade.

You can listen offline by downloading music; you can enjoy hands-free listening by pairing with Alexa. The options are plenty! And of course, as with the other services listed here, you can increase your music library and listening abilities by upgrading your subscription (which is 20% off for Prime members). 

When It Comes to the Best Free Music Streaming Service, Choose One of These

There are so many options out there; you’ve got plenty to choose from.

If you’re not thoroughly enjoying one streaming service, move on to the next! These are some of the best free music streaming services, but you can also do additional research if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet. Sure, you may have to listen to an ad or two, but that’s a great trade-off for a full music-streaming library.

For more great music-related content like this, keep scrolling our blog. Happy listening!