7 Effective Ways to Save Money on a Renovation

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No matter if you have planned a budget for renovation, it can still get out of control. Sometimes, you can predict the inconveniences that may arise, but there are times when that is simply not possible. However, it’s always good to know where to spend and where to splurge as well and sometimes it may even require an expert eye.

With some effective ways that will set your priorities, you will easily know what you can save money during a renovation. Here are some of the advice that will help you with that endeavor and help renovations go smoothly.


  • Determine the budget


Determining a budget doesn’t mean you have to go cheap, but rather to have an idea how much you will have to spend on renovation. It will also help you to maybe consider different solutions if you can’t afford the one you originally wanted. However, determining the budget before starting the planning is essential since you will be able to incorporate certain, less expensive ideas.

Have an expert to examine your home and give you an estimate of the real scope of works. Sometimes there are hidden issues like old installations and decayed structure that need to be addressed first. That will not only take more money but also can cause even more expenses if you start renovations without including them.


  • Be clear about priorities


Going into debt to persistently get the renovations you want can cause trouble in the long run. So, the best approach, in this case, is to set your priorities. It’s wonderful to have a complete home makeover, but that can be costly and unnecessary after all. To determine which renovations to do, look for the way to fix the problems and add aesthetical novelties at the same time.

For example, if you have to fix a leaking roof but always wanted to change the tiles, consider a different approach. While fixing the roof will prevent structural damage and can be costly, pressure washing the tiles will give them back their glow. This way you will save the money and still get what you wanted – a fresh and fixed roof.  


  • Reuse materials


If you have old cabinets and other woodwork that you plan to get rid off, think about reusing those and making something new. You will probably have to hire a professional to process the wood, but it will still cost less than buying everything new.

In case you don’t have materials to reuse but need some, go to the salvage yards. They not only sell all sorts of materials and fixtures for lower prices but also hold auctions. Due to various reasons, people sell their perfectly functional appliances and furniture so you might find some true gems.


  • Shop on sales


If you plan renovations, that means you will need not only materials but furniture and fixture as well. If you already know what brand you want, ask in the store when is the discount coming. You can save a considerable amount of money if you buy items on sale and not impair the quality at all.

Also, if you intend to shop for more items in the store, see with the manager if you can get a discount. Usually, the stores like to award the customers who intend to spend a lot of money at their place alone and don’t go to the competition.


  • Sell your old furniture and appliances


One of the ways to enlarge your renovation budget is to hold a yard sale and sell your old furniture and appliances. This is a perfectly reasonable and normal way to earn some money and not waste materials. Before you put your items for sale, make sure they are in working condition and good shape so you can get the highest price possible.

If they are in not so good shape, consider selling them to the scrap metal yard, instead. It may not bring you as much money as yard sale would, but it is still something to add to the budget.


  • Hire professionals


One of the usual downfalls when it comes to renovations is choosing to save money on professional help. This is the last thing you should be economical on since it can make all the difference in the end. Hiring professionals for renovation jobs are very common in modern society since it can save a lot of money and give astonishing results.

In Australia, for example, renovation market amounts to $8.8 billion per year based on Master Builders Australia. This type of works is done by professional fit out companies from Sydney, Melbourne and another Australian metropolis which can guarantee quality and expertise. You may pay a bit more but will actually save money since you will avoid mistakes that arise from layman planning.


  • Take your time


The renovation is not something you should rush at all costs. Unless there are some urgent issues you need to handle, then take your time and plan it carefully. Depending on the new architectural solution and your budget, you may even have to do it in stages to get it all done.

Therefore, start with pressing issues or do room by room renovation. With some improvements and upgrades in your home, you will have a better perspective of what really needs remodeling. Be patient with the process in order to save money and have everything done in a quality way.

All in all

Approach the renovation process with a determined budget and idea what to remodel. This way you can save money on a renovation and still get a quality work done in your home.