7 Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 7 Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid |Home decorating is more likely to be the most tiring yet the most exciting thing to do. This is especially true if you’ve just moved into your new house and lot in Quezon City. You would want to start decorating your place for a fresh start. There is a saying that how your home looks reflect who you really are.

Nowadays, there are lots of trendsetting DIY projects to make your home artsier. You want a cozy and comfortable home. So don’t fall for these home decorating mistakes. 

Know that some decorating rules can be broken. But you need to carefully consider those rules more so if it won’t do anything to improve the overall look, feel, and flow in your home.

Home decorating mistakes

1) Overcrowding

When moving, the number one consideration is the furniture—where to put them without making the space look cluttered or smaller. Of course, you want to place pieces of furniture that will enhance its look.

Think about the size and scale of the home. You can be bold and dramatic by mixing small and bulky furniture. If you have ample space, you have plenty of room to work with without making it look like a mess. But do not make it crowded even though you have a big space to work on.

Think minimalist if you must. This interior design trend never goes out of style as people realize the need to declutter the home and let everything flow organically. 

2) Not enough light

Lighting is crucial in every room. Lighting effects will most likely change day and night and throughout every season. Make it simple but glaring and more relaxing, though. For instance, natural lights will make your homes lit. So you do not need to have those gigantic chandeliers in every room of your home. 

Lighting can be layered too, with lamps placed in that area where additional lighting might be needed, such as the home office, study area, and kitchen. 

Take note also of the different sizes of the lamps. If you have a big space, do not go with the small-sized lights since it is not as welcoming as you thought. Go for a lamp that will offer adequate illumination.

3) Mixing and matching fail

You can mix and match all you want. However, the key term here is harmony.  Avoid matching the curtains and your couches with the same designs and colors. If you have solid or neutral-colored furniture pieces, prioritize opulence by putting in vividly-colored pillows, rugs, and blankets.

Not just colors and textures, though. For example, when scouting for a house for sale in Bulacan, think of how you would introduce patterns. Any room will benefit from mixing and matching these three elements by giving them depth and dimension.

4) Bland and boring colors

Speaking of colors, the choice of paint and paint colors can also do wonders for your home. There are thousands of paints for homes. However, test them out before you begin painting. 

A paint color sometimes does not look exactly as it is in cans since the environment where it will be painted may also affect its look and feel. Case in point: illumination in the area. So it is suggested online to pick up some trial sizes of similar hues (at least one shade darker and one shade lighter) and paint it on a large spot in the room of choice. 

You can think of color variations—more like following a color palette—for your dining room and living room as well. You can save your time and money in the long run with this tip.

5) Inexpensive but also cheap

When it comes to furniture and other decors, you do not have to buy the most expensive ones. It’s okay to go for thrift pieces. You may find classic or vintage adornments at a bargain price but can actually make your home look more high-end.

Bottom-line, never skimp on quality. Don’t buy cheap because of the price tag. Otherwise, your home will also look cheap. The quality and durability of the material really matter. You want something that contributes to your home’s overall aesthetic and, these should be made from materials that can hold up for several years. 

You are familiar with the cost per use concept, right? It also applies to home decoration. Remember that decors also vary—they may depreciate or appreciate with time. You must prioritize the latter.

6) Too close on the walls

We all tend to place our furniture, such as the couches, by the walls when we should not. Space is meant to be intimate where people can gather. It does not mean putting everything up against the walls and freeing the center space.

It would be more intimate by putting a dining table and chairs at the center, for instance, while also allowing for smoother and distraction-free flow. The same goes with sleeper sofas that can be placed a meter away from the wall, especially if you have a bigger living room.

Your goal in terms of placement is establishing a feeling of warmth and inclusion. You want everyone to feel comfortable and be a part of the place—be one with the given space, at least for the moment.

7) Without a focal point

It is easy to lose focus, more so for bigger rooms, but not when creating a focal point. It would help to walk around the space first before you embark on the decorating task. Through this, you may decide on a focal point. It could be something you will place in the room like a painting or a rare plant or a fixture such as a fireplace.

Whatever it may be, the vital thing to consider is the people who will gather there and what that focal point may mean to all of you. 

These are seven of the potential home decorating disasters that you must avoid at all costs. Don’t let the process of home decoration fail you by not failing yourself. Arm yourself with the right knowledge of properly decorating your place regardless of how tiny it may be. While at it, just enjoy the home decorating task.