7 Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Mistakes
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WORLDEXECUTIVESDIGEST | 7 Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Marketing | The digital world can be a reliable place to use your leads if you are familiar with the tools. Here are lead generation mistakes to avoid in digital marketing.

The total digital ad spend for the first half of 2019 equated to $57.9 billion dollars. Whether you’re blogging or crafting ads, you can’t avoid your online customer base. Instead, you need a strong digital marketing strategy designed to help you attract new customers. 

Without a well thought out strategy, it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are seven lead generation mistakes you should work hard to avoid. By dodging these errors, you can make the most of your marketing budget instead.

Create a strategy that helps you get ahead of the competition. Keep reading to discover which mistakes to avoid—and how to set up a better online strategy.

  1. Neglecting Research

Many companies jump into marketing without strategizing first. Neglecting the most important first step—researching—can ruin your efforts before you begin.

In order to create a well thought out digital marketing strategy, you need to know who you’re trying to reach. The better you know your audience, the more likely you’ll know how to appeal to their interests. Then, you can target an audience with the reassurance that you understand who they are and what they need.

Failing to start off with a strong research phase can waste your valuable time and money.

Instead, determine who your customers are. What problems do they face each day? What solution can you offer that they can’t find anywhere else?

Are you targeting a large, broad audience? Try breaking your customers into buyer personas. Segmenting your audience group based on demographics will help you create a strategy for each one.

You can segment your audience based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Household income
  • Marital status
  • Buying behaviors
  • Interests

Once you know more about your audience, you can take your research a step further. What keywords are they searching for while online? What questions are they asking?

Use Google Trends, Keyword Planner, and Ahrefs to develop a list of target keywords. You’ll need this research to avoid the next few lead generation mistakes mentioned below. 

  1. Avoiding SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows companies to optimize their content for search engines like Google. The higher you rank, the more brand awareness you’ll generate. You’ll also improve your brand’s online reputation and attract more website traffic.

Once you acquire more traffic, you can turn those visitors into leads and sales.

Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of avoiding SEO. Those who do create an SEO strategy often fail to keep it up.

For a strong SEO strategy, you need keyword research and unique, high-quality content. You’ll need to create content throughout the year to appeal to your target audience. If you’re not creating fresh content, however, your competitors will get the prime spot on the page. 

Blogging is a great way to develop a relationship with customers. Over time, they’ll come to you for advice and helpful tips or tricks. You can use blogging to demonstrate your experience and expertise to attract and convert new customers. 

Over 90% of companies say content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing. When developing a strong SEO strategy, try different forms of content. For example, you can create blog posts, videos, infographics, polls, or quizzes.

Then review the data to determine what your customers prefer most. 

With content marketing and SEO, you can target an audience, attract them to your site, and turn them into paying customers. 

  1. Trying Every Trend

As technology develops, new trends pop up all the time. Neglecting these brands could make your company seem old and irrelevant. Chasing every trend, however, could waste your time. 

When exploring new trends to add to your digital marketing strategy, consider your target audience. Which trends are they already responding to? Which trends are your competitors utilizing?

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, too. Google changes its search algorithm throughout the year. If you’re not up-to-date with SEO trends like video and voice search, your ranking could drop.

Remember, the point of these trends is to build a relationship with customers. Choose your trends wisely!

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  1. Forgetting to Go Mobile

More than half of all web traffic comes from a mobile device. However, mobile conversions rates are lower than desktop, namely because mobile pages load too slowly.

Many companies make lead generation mistakes like neglecting a mobile marketing strategy.

First, make sure your website is optimized for mobile users. Mobile-optimization will help improve the user experience (UX) on your site. When your site is easy to use, people are more likely to stay. 

You can also develop a mobile digital marketing strategy. Consider using tactics like geo-targeting to appeal to nearby customers. Text messages and other mobile tactics can help you bring people through your doors. 

  1. Never Communicating Value

What value are you offering your customers? What are you offering that no other company in your industry can?

Many companies fail to consider their unique value proposition. Marketing your value will help you stand apart from your competitors. At the same time, it can help you attract new customers to your business who need a specific problem solved. 

  1. Neglecting the User Experience

Almost 70% of companies use landing pages to nurture new sales leads. However, too many companies fail to consider the user experience. 

Is your website easy to navigate? Can website visitors find multiple ways to contact you without searching around? Do your pages load quickly?

Make sure to update your website with the UX in mind. UX trends like speeding up load times, adding search functions, and improving readability can keep people on your site.

The longer they stay, the better for your SEO ranking. 

  1. Not Tracking Results

Which digital marketing strategies are helping you generate more leads and conversions? You’ll fail to improve your campaigns and boost your ROI if you don’t review the data.

Many companies set up campaigns but don’t make an effort to optimize regularly. By reviewing the data, you can avoid wasteful spending and generate more conversions. 

Spruce Up Your Marketing Strategy: 7 Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t neglect your digital marketing strategy. Instead, keep these seven lead generation mistakes in mind. By avoiding these mistakes, you can improve your strategy, generate more leads, and boost your business!

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