7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Demolition Company


Jonathan Lame, World Executives Digest |  Demolition of a house can be done for a number of purposes; from removing something that is in their way, to making a clean slate for future renovations. Whether you are a homeowner, an investor or a builder, there are certain doubts and queries that you must clear off before starting your demolition project. There are a few questions that can help you hire the right house demolition company for your project.

What Questions to Ask?

Here are seven questions you should always before hiring a contractor for your house demolition:

  • Inquire About Their Credit References.

This is an extremely important step you must take before hiring a demolition contractor. Speak to a few credit references and suppliers and ensure that your contractor pays off his subcontractor for the duties performed. If not, you could find yourself in potentially dangerous legal issues. A reputable contractor will always be able to provide a few good references.

  • What is the Cost Estimate?

One of the most obvious and underrated questions is asking for a price quote before starting a project can save you from a lot of unnecessary future expenses. It is estimated that whatever cost estimate a demolition contractor gives you, you should add up about 15% to that cost in case of any additional or incidental expenses. This will help you plan out your budget accordingly and avoid any unforeseen expenses.

  • How and Where Does the House Demolition Company Plan on Disposing Off the Demolition Debris?

If you end up selecting a non-reputable demolition contractor, you might find yourself ending up with the responsibility of disposing of the demolition waste or debris. A good, reliable and reputable demolition contractor will inform you beforehand regarding the disposal company there will hire to dispose of their waste. You must also ensure that this is done in accordance with the waste disposal laws of your area in order to avoid any legal battles.

  • Ask Your Demolition Contractor to Show Their Business License.

This step will give your ideas you need regarding their business being a lawful and legal one, and whether their company has faced any complaints or even legal issues before. It is extremely important for you to check the business license before hiring house demolition company.

  • What Kind of Equipment Does the House Demolition Company Use?

This question will help you determine how efficiently and safely a company will be completing their project for your house. If a demolition company uses modern equipment for demolition projects, you can rest assured that it will conduct the project in a systematic manner than what you might expect from an obsolete technology. The company must be well equipped with power tools and disposal techniques for your project.

  • How are Proceeds from The Salvage Value of Your Demolition Project Handled?

For house demolition projects, it can be seen that there are several salvage materials that a demolition contractor is able to save, which can be sent for recycling. These materials do not end up being wasted or going into a landfill. Often, these salvage materials can also offset the value of your project. Discuss with your demolition contractor how the proceeds from these salvage materials are calculated on to your demolition project cost.

  • What is the Safety Record?

This is another obvious question which will allow you to determine the expertise of the house demolition company. With a clean safety record of a company, you can rest assured about the safety and security of your project.

Before choosing a demolition company, you must ask these questions to be completely sure that you are making the safest possible choice for your house demolition project.