7 Quick Tips for Hiring a Residential Electrician

7 Quick Tips for Hiring a Residential Electrician

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | 7 Quick Tips for Hiring a Residential Electrician | Whether your lights keep flickering or you want to update your wiring, it’s important not to risk messing with your home’s electricity alone. Instead, consider hiring an experienced residential electrician who knows their way around.

The job outlook for electricians could grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029. Before you start your search, it helps to know what to look for.

Otherwise, you could end up hiring an electrician who lacks the know-how and experience you need.

Here are seven easy tips for hiring a professional electrician. Start your search with these tips today!

1. Make Sure They’re Licensed

Make sure each electrician on your list is licensed. Electricians need to complete qualification testing to maintain their licensing each year. This ensures their training remains up-to-date.

Ask each electrician on your list when they last updated their training. You can also ask for proof that they’re licensed before hiring them.

2. Ask for Proof of Insurance

Never invite a contractor to work on your home without making sure they’re insured, too.

What happens if someone is electrocuted while working on your property? Will they hold you responsible?

Hiring an electrician who has proof of their insurance will provide assurance that you’re making a choice with your best interests in mind.

3. Review Their Work History

It’s important to know exactly what you need before you hire a residential electrician. Otherwise, you could end up with someone who lacks the work history you need.

Someone who has experience with your type of electrical project will know exactly how to approach the situation.

4. Ask About Subcontractors

Now that you know when to hire an electrician, it helps to know who you’re hiring.

Ask if the company uses subcontractors. Who will arrive to work at your home?

How much experience and training does the subcontractor have?

5. Look for Guarantees

Does the electrician offer a warranty for their work? Will they return to your home if the problem persists shortly after they completed their repairs? Choosing a company that offers a guarantee will help you ensure the job is done.

6. Read Reviews

Once you’ve gathered information about each electrician in the area, you’ll want to make sure their reputation holds up. You can learn more about each electrician by gathering reviews from their previous clients.

Check their Google My Business and Better Business Bureau listings.

7. Request Multiple Estimates

Hiring an electrician usually costs between $40 to $100 an hour.

In order to find the right price, make sure to ask for quotes from multiple electricians in the area. Asking for multiple quotes will help you gauge the average price in the area.

Make sure to ask these questions before hiring an electrician, too. Asking these questions can help you make sure the electrician suits your needs.

Time for a Lightbulb Moment: 7 Easy Tips for Hiring a Residential Electrician 

Now that you know how to find an electrician, you can start your search! These tips for hiring a residential electrician will help you find a qualified expert in your area. Don’t forget to look at a few options before making your choice.¬†

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