7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Office a Much Friendlier Place


In the past, organizations based their overall success on monetary profit and global impact. Although a steady flow of income is promising, the idea of company prosperity now has a somewhat different standard. Companies are now focusing on improving the quality of office life for their employees.

According to a recent study, productivity and sales rise a combined 57% when employees work in a happy environment. Author of the book, “The Truth About Employee Engagement” Patrick Lencioni explains the three essential needs for employee happiness: acknowledgment, work value, and having an impact. Supplementary perks include work-life balance and a positive environment.

On average, full-time employees spend roughly eight and a half hours at their place of employment. Therefore, it’s no wonder many companies have entire departments dedicated to boosting team morale. Whether it’s a catered lunch or a surprising Friday happy hour, job satisfaction matters. 

Despite the scientific evidence and statistics supporting these finds, there is still a small aspect of office happiness that is often left out. That is the topic of friendliness. Sure, associating your boss with the word “friendly” is probably a stretch for the majority. Even certain colleagues can be challenging to work with. However, friendliness encompasses the total package of work satisfaction. From small daily engagements to breakthrough company milestones, a friendly environment is vital to productivity. 

Changing the overall environment of your office requires tenacity, diligence, and most importantly patience. Besides, changing the behavior of others is counter-productive. This is why instilling friendly practices into your personal daily routine will make a huge difference in your office morale. In fact, this personal first step is guaranteed to rub off on others! If you are striving to make a personal difference in your job satisfaction, the challenge may seem overwhelming. Let’s consider seven practical ways you can make your office a friendlier, more inviting place to go.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Smile

Science says that smiling is contagious. In fact, flashing a quick smile can ease tension, provide comfort, and even change your mood. Many individuals associate professionalism with sobriety. While maturity is vital, there’s nothing taboo about bestowing a grin to promote positivity. When you are walking into the office, why not share a quick smile to brighten up the agony that is Monday morning?

  1. Plan a Team Lunch

When deadlines get tight, stressful situations occur. This brings about a host of negative energy in the office. A simple group lunch will give you all a much-needed break. During this time, you can connect with your colleagues on a different level aside from duties and tasks. Perhaps you can even collaborate more effectively on solving a troubling issue.

  1. Declutter Your Desk

Excessive office clutter has been proven to increase anxiety, stress, and even depression in severe cases. Not to mention, it isn’t very inviting. Studies show that decluttering your workspace leads to productivity and overall happiness. You will be able to accomplish more when you are in the know and completely organized.

  1.  Effectively Manage Different Personalities

When working with others, personalities are bound to clash. From the laid-back employee to the deadline focused manager, not everyone performs in the same manner. One way to avoid office conflict and keep the environment-friendly is by looking for the good in your colleagues. Unfortunately, when people go through personal trials, they may lash out or even behave indecently. Try to seek understanding as opposed to fighting fire with fire.

  1. Don’t Participate in Drama

One of the biggest detriments to small corporations and departments is office theatrics. This could involve arguments, missed opportunities, and even conflicting personalities. Whatever the case, office drama seems to spread like wildfire. This is partly due to the nasty habit of gossiping. Individuals who feel offended over a situation may seek to share their experience with the hopes of seeking reassurance.

What makes this habit toxic is that it can totally disrupt office morale, decrease productivity, and even taint innocent reputations. Some managers may even overlook those known for gossip when it comes time for promotions. Nip office drama in the bud by redirecting gossip to a new route. By changing the subject, you are stopping negative energy in its tracks and keeping your office safe. This may even involve leaving the scene altogether so as to protect your sanity.

  1. Ask Questions

We spend a vast majority of our time with workmates, usually eight or nine hours a day. It can be easy to get into the routine of only speaking to them about work-related matters. However, seek to get to know your colleagues on a professional, yet personal level. This doesn’t involve sharing intimate details. But, a simple “how are you?” or “how was your weekend?” can go a long way. It shows genuine concern and can help to boost office morale. You may even find out that you all have a lot in common.

  1.  Bring In Treats

Everyone loves walking into the break-room and seeing a cake, donuts, or a veggie plate. There is something novel about receiving a free treat to help you get through the rest of the day. Associated Services are one awesome option that delivers quality coffee from your favorite places right to your office!

Instead of waiting for your manager to provide a full spread, why not bring in a box of donuts or something tasty for the team? You may even want to add a small note that encourages your team to make it through the day! This small gesture can break up the monotony of the work day and ultimately spark a possible connection as everyone gathers around the tasty treats.

Finding a quality job that you enjoy is a challenge. Enjoying the office you enter every day is an even bigger feat. Instead of waiting for others to change office morale, why don’t you start implementing small, friendly gestures into your daily routine? This will make your work environment a positive and inviting space that ultimately promotes productivity!