7 Things You Should Take Care of While Hiring People for Startups


Hiring people? The biggest challenge faced by a hiring manager is to pick out a candidate who is a perfect fit for the company. When it comes to hiring for startups, the task becomes even trickier because it’s not merely a question of retaining the person with the highest qualification and most experience, but it is also about hiring someone who is proactive and does not shy away from responsibilities. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be extremely mindful of some factors while hiring employees for your start-up, some of which are listed below:

Build your company with a mission and vision:

To convince top talent to work for your startup, you need to build a company with a great mission and vision that appeals to their fundamental values. You must be able to share your long-term vision with your potential employees and present your company in the best way. Candidates who can align themselves with your company’s mission and vision are likely to be enthusiastic and stay with the company for a longer period of time.

Hire with the future in mind:

While hiring people for your startup, it is important to realize that you are not just hiring people to fill a job, but you’re hiring them to build a company. Hire people who are passionate and driven and can work under tight deadlines. Your first few hires will set the tone for your company’s future, so be extra mindful of the kind of people you bring into your company. As a pro tip, avoid hiring a candidate who badmouths their previous employers and coworkers. Also, think about using software to automate the hiring process such as new employee onboarding software.

Define Yourself Before You Hire:

Successful hiring begins with defining who you are and figuring out the exact skills that you require for your startup. Creating a job description that highlights and addresses all that you need is thus the obvious next step. You have to communicate to the prospective candidates about what your company does and about the kind of work culture you endorse. A quick tip is to think about what qualities/skills the top talent in your startup would have, and then define the job description accordingly for recruitment.

Understanding of the Job Title:

Every role comes with its own sets of challenges, and it is important to make sure that the candidate is aware of the responsibilities that are expected of him/her. This is why the interview sessions of some of the most demanding jobs and competitive exams are the toughest to get through. Consider Apple, Google, UPSC, and IES for instance. Asking the right questions during the interview is a must as it will help you in figuring out whether the candidate knows what they’re applying for. A candidate who is inquisitive about his/her role and is eager to know more is more likely to contribute meaningfully to your startup as opposed to someone who is not as enthusiastic about the position to be played.

Reflect Your Culture Through Your Hiring Process:

When it comes to startups or any other company for that matter, it is not only the recruiters who select the candidates, but the candidates also pick out the company which they feel would prove lucrative to their interests. A company’s work culture is reflected in everything it does, down to the way it hires people. Therefore, while employing people for your startup, make sure that the entire hiring process reflects your culture. This goes both ways. It is also essential that you not just recruit for skills, but for your culture as well. You can identify whether a candidate shares your values and can perform well in your fast-paced environment through your interviews.

Make Sure You Hire Proactive People:

Flexibility and proactiveness are some of the most important values in a startup, as a single employee is usually expected to perform a variety of roles. Therefore, hiring someone who can adapt to different challenges and deliver practical solutions would prove more profitable to your nascent company as compared to someone who is an expert in a particular field. Your first hire should be a “get-stuff-done” person, someone who is smart, resourceful, and takes initiatives to get done with tasks.

Look for Passion:

Passion is one of the key factors that drive people to do the best at their job. Just like civil services and IES professionals are passionate about their job, keep an eye out for someone who is passionate about their work and the responsibilities that come along with it. Such a person is far more likely to do a better job than someone who’s working for the sake of it. When you talk about the job role, hear how passionate they are about actually doing it every single day and how driven they are to give their best.

When your start-up reaches a point where it can afford to hire its first employees, it becomes essential to make sure that you hire the right people who can elevate your business to where you want it to go. The right people can get things done on time and can be instrumental in growing your business, while on the other hand, hiring the wrong people could drain your time and resources.