8 Fun Things to Do When Stuck in EDSA Traffic

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Yes, traffic is horrible! That is a fact. However, we can do a lot of fun things while stuck in EDSA traffic.

Here are 8 of them:

  1. Take selfies

Grab your smartphone and take a selfie. Check which angles would appear the best for a profile pic. Insert copies that your friends can relate to. Hashtag #OOTD #IGERS #IGERSManila

  1. Bring food

Always remind yourself to bring candies or chips. Just in case you get stuck in traffic, there is something to munch on, most especially if you are hungry and might be missing out on lunch and dinner. Some professional drivers grab along a bottle of water and some candies to lessen the stress and reduce the chances of going into a road rage. Share your food to a seatmate, that way you earn a friend along the way.

  1. Read a book

Most often, being stuck in traffic means missing out on a lot of important things that are beneficial to your personal and professional growth. Take the chance to learn from a good book. Bring along a book that you bought from a bookstore or one that has been borrowed from a friend. This way you can learn more about motivation, leadership, management, stress reduction and a lot, lot more.

  1. Listen to good music

Switch on the radio or turn on your music player and listen to sounds that soothe you or one that literally takes away the blues from your life. Sing along to a good, energizing playlist. Listening to music will put your mind off your current traffic situation.

  1. Talk to your seatmate

Why not? Just make sure that you don’t sound too creepy, when starting off an ice breaker, if your seatmate is a total stranger. You might also win friends this way.

  1. Dance the traffic away

I’ve seen a lot of celebrity videos with actors and models that go out of their cars to dance in front of the vehicle, with blasting dance music. You could do that too. Dancing in front of the public increases your self-confidence.

  1. Call a friend

If you’re missing out on social life, it probably would be best if you call a good friend that you haven’t seen for quite some time. Reconnecting with friends increases the chance of you still being visible as a friend. You don’t know when you’ll be needing one in times of distress.

  1. Pray

If you consider calling a friend to be fun, talking to your Creator would be much better. Although, we haven’t been seeing Him literally, there is a high chance that He is listening to every word that you say. Talk to God. He responds in a multitude of ways. Pray that the traffic in the metro, and most of all the economy, improves soon.

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