8 Places to Do Your Wise Holiday Shopping in Manila

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The best time to do wise holiday shopping in Manila is during Christmas. And, when we talk about shopping, who doesn’t want to get the best bargains? Filipinos are fond of shopping. And, when we say shopping, we actually mean getting more out of what we pay for.

“Where are the best value places in Manila?” , you say.

Here are 8 places that you could go to when doing wise holiday shopping in Manila.:

1. Divisoria Market 

The ultimate shopping destination in Manila, Philippines. Whatever it is that you need or want, name it, it’s there. However, walking around Divisoria the whole day can get your feet sore. A lot of street stalls or bazaars are located both outside and inside of the local malls. A lot of merchandise can be seen lying around on rice sacks, with street peddlers yelling “Bargain, bargain!”. The street stalls are usually the ones with the best buys, as they don’t have to pay a lot for store space rentals.

Don’t forget to haggle.

2. Greenhills

If you are looking for smartphones that are on sale, Greenhills Shopping Center is the place where you should be. Greenhills Shopping Center is located along Ortigas Ave. San Juan City. The shopping center comes with air conditioned buildings that houses neatly designed stalls,  restaurants, cinemas, and a chapel.

The prices are a bit higher compared to Divisoria’s but still affordable. Quite a number of stalls sell branded and imitation bags, dresses and shoes. A lot of named brands are available in the shopping complex. Again, haggle is the name of the game.

3. Quiapo Market

Located in the heart of Manila, near Plaza Miranda and Quiapo church. A mix of Divisoria and Greenhills products are available in Quiapo Market, not so pricey and nor so cheap either. The legendary potions and concoction sellers can be seen on the sidewalks, selling oils with ginseng, scorpions and snakes, that have been described as cure all even for women who don’t have their monthly period yet.

You can also get the chance to purchase electronic products in nearby Raon street, depending on what you are looking for.

4. Baclaran

The Redemptorist church is located in Baclaran, Parañaque city. The place is known for this iconic church. Behind and beside this majestic church are, stalls and stalls of apparel, textile and most of all its flea markets. A shopping paradise for the local traveler. This is the next best thing compared to Divisoria when looking for the best places to shop in Metro Manila.

Most of the products that can be bought here comes from China and are usually imitations of designer brands. The place is overly crowded any day of the week for buyers and sellers alike.

5. Recto / Cartimar

Mostly known for branded shoes is the area of Cartimar located along Recto Street in the city of Manila. You can find handyman tools, exercise equipment, and pets here. Mostly foreign breeds of dogs, cats, brids, rabbits and tropical fish.

Prices are affordable here. A lot of imitation shoes can be bought for as low as 800 pesos and up to 4000 pesos. Most merchants will claim that these are Class ‘A’ which means factory overruns, as there are not much difference to the real thing that you can buy in department and branded shoe stores.

Second hand books, from college text books, novels, short stories and other types can be bought here.

6. Francis Square

This shopping complex is located inside Ortigas Center, Pasig and sits behind SM Megamall near EDSA. St. Francis Square is one of Metro Manila’s cheap places to shop in. The shopping complex is the go to shoppers place for good quality and affordable products that includes bags, apparel, shoes, gadgets and jewelry. It became popular among buyers because it offers the cheapest products compared to its giant department store neighbor.

7. Market Market

A flea market and a mall in one. This shopping complex has retail stores, a fruit and flowers market plus an outdoor food court. The complex has over 50 stalls selling mostly flowers, plants, fruits, veggies and others. Products are a bit pricey compared to the usual flea markets in Baclaran and Divisoria. It also has the usual stalls that sell bags, shoes, apparels and electronic appliances.

8. Tiendesitas

This is one of Pasig City’s  shopping and family entertainment destinations. Foreign and local shoppers flock to this place to look for Philippine products, A lot of Filipino-made products, like apparels, native food, antiques and handicrafts are available in this place. A PWD (people with disability) and elderly friendly shopping complex, Tiendesitas boasts of pavilions, that were made from indigineous materials. Acoustic and live band performances are one of the mainattractions in this uniqe Filipino inspired shopping complex.

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