8 Surprising Benefits of Playing Sports

Benefits of Playing Sports

Jessica Paul, World Executives DigestOften playing sports is associated with fun but once you get down to analyze it, you realize that sports is more than that. It is also not merely jumping, kicking a ball or running instead sports has to do with keeping our mind and body healthy. Following are the surprising benefits of playing sports:

Healthy heart

When you play sports, it helps you to stretch. With this stretching ability your heart benefits the most. It is less likely for your heart to not perform at its optimal level. By playing sports, your heart is pumping more blood since it serves as a workout for the body.

Weight management

Obesity is labeled as an issue but I like to call it a disease. If you want to control your weight, the best way to do is by engaging in sports or indulging in physical activities. Resultantly, you get to burn fats and calories. Those who play sports are thus, leaner and fit.

Lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is okay but an excess of it can be detrimental to your health. By means of sports you can keep your cholesterol level in check. There is a thing called ‘bad cholesterol’ which shouldn’t be present in the body. So when you engage in sporting activities, the bad cholesterol is wasted away.

Stronger immunity

Playing sports is akin to exercising. So when you play sports regularly your body becomes immune to certain diseases as opposed to those with weaker immunity. Exercising allows white blood cells to reach every portion of your body at a faster rate.

In addition engaging in sports help increase production of sweat in your body. Plus, it also seeks to remove harmful toxins as the rise in bodily temperatures kills the bacterial growth or are at least, minimized.

Stronger bones

We all know that playing sports strengthen muscles but did you know that it also builds your bones. It is because bones get their strength from bone density which decreases with age. This leads to increased risk of osteoporosis. If you are constantly involved in playing sports you can maintain bone density as well as strength, no matter what age group you belong to.

Self esteem

By playing any number of sports, your self-esteem is automatically lifted or in other words, it is a great method of building self-esteem. Naturally, when you are playing sports, you feel good about it. That goodness multiplies and the results are in the shape of new found or improved self-esteem.

Mutual respect

This may seem farfetched a bit but when you play competitive sports, you learn to respect other people. It does not matter, if they have a negative attitude towards you, playing sports instills mutual respect for another.


Yes, playing sports even foster teamwork. How? It helps you by developing good ties with people from different walks of life and characteristics. You learn to work together which gives birth to better team effort and that too in a peaceful fashion.

To sum up, make sure you stay well-hydrated at all times, keep time for relaxing after each game and just simply incorporate the habit of playing sports in your lifestyle.

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