9 Inexpensive Election Campaign Supplies You Should Use

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | If you’re running any kind of election campaign, one of the goals is to reach out to as many voters as possible to increase exposure and influence. School elections aren’t any different. You need to ensure that people know who you are, why you’re running, and why they should vote for you. One of the best ways to promote yourself and broadcast your message is to use election campaign supplies.

If you’re wondering which supplies work best for your campaign, keep reading. We’ll share with you 9 inexpensive yet effective options for campaign supplies that can dramatically improve your reach and positively impact voters.

1. Pinback buttons

A highly collectible item, pinback buttons are also affordable, functional, and durable. Add your own custom election campaign design, perhaps with your tagline or party theme, and give them out to supporters so they can help with marketing your campaign, as well. Pinback buttons are also great for identifying people within your party, spreading your message, and rallying support.

2. Custom wristbands

As a promotional item, wristbands are one of the best. They’re safe, affordable, and are available in a wide range of different materials and colors. If you want quality but still need to stay within your budget, inexpensive custom silicone wristbands are an ideal option. They’re durable and waterproof, providing you with excellent value for your money. To use them as an election supply, consider printing your name or your message on the wristband. Make sure to use colors that are also in line with your election theme.

3. Promotional treats

Everyone likes food, especially when they’re handed out for free. Depending on your school’s policies, consider putting up a food stand with free sweets and snacks to boost your popularity and extend your audience reach. These treats don’t need to be expensive, as well. Simple homemade cookies that are decorated with your election campaign’s theme or just with your name and logo are equally effective. 

4. Cool stickers

Stickers bearing your name and logo can go on all kinds of items and surfaces as long as your school doesn’t have certain policies against them. You can also hand them out together in a bundle with some of your other promotional materials.

5. Colorful balloons

You can get a variety of colorful balloons and use markers, stickers, paint, and ribbon to decorate them and make them stand out. Additionally, you can write your campaign goals on the balloons and hand them out to potential voters, as well as your current supporters and friends.

6. Campaign flyers

Flyers never get old. Furthermore, they’re an easy and quick way to get your message out so people know why you’re running and why you deserve their votes. Add your logo, slogan, and image to the flyer, and keep it simple and eye-catching, as people tend to easily get overwhelmed when there are too many details. Flyers are also cost-efficient, easy to print, and even easier to distribute.

7. Personalized pens

Promotional personalized pens are a hot item for branding and advertising. People love free pens as they’re used every day. Your name and logo will be seen every time someone uses one of these pens. Choose different pen styles and colors to make things more interesting.

8. Informational poster

Create an attractive poster that tells a story using your name, image, logo, slogan, and information about your campaign. Before you start posting them, ensure they follow the school’s guidelines, otherwise, they may get taken down.

9. Unique t-shirts

T-shirts are one of the most visible marketing products in any election campaign or movement. Hand out these free t-shirts to your supporters and potential voters and they will become a walking advertisement for your cause.

Getting involved in school politics is a great way to spread an important message and promote good leadership. What good is having an important message, however, if you don’t know how to market yourself effectively? Fortunately, with the ideas shared above, you can easily promote yourself without digging a hole through your wallet. Stick to minimal design, know how to appeal to voters, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful election candidate.