9 Side Effects of biopolymers injections

9 Side Effects of biopolymers injections
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

WorldExecutivesDigest | 9 Side Effects of biopolymers injections | The evolution of the human race has been fascinating. From improving the quality of life with remarkable inventions, we have reached a point where physical appearance can be enhanced and altered to any individual’s liking. This process has been made possible with the help of a synthetic compound, popularly known as Silicone. It is formulated in laboratories with other chemicals and used in cosmetic and surgical implants.

Over the last decade, enhancing or altering buttocks, genitals, abdomen, and breasts have become a booming trend. These implants might help men and women to look aesthetically pleasing, but this beauty is coming at a huge risk. 

FDA has strongly condemned the usage of silicone for cosmetic and surgical purposes due to its harmful effects on the body. The FDA report highlighted that injected silicone in the body travels systematically, leading to serious health problems. 

If you are thinking about getting silicone injections, this article is a must-read for its impending harms and various mind-boggling side effects. Have a look!

1. Toxic Reactions

Synthetic beauty comes at a price, and in the case of cosmetic implants, the price is not just monetary. These procedures lead to serious complications that cause multiple infections, vascular embolization, nodule formation, and skin discoloration. New York Times reported multiple incidents where women who had a history of getting silicone injections, also known as biopolymers injections, visited doctors with bumps on lips, inflammation on the forehead, and ridges below eye sockets. 

2. Permanent Scarring 

Liquid silicone injections are beneficial in removing lines and wrinkles, but eventually, it leads to lumps and ridges. And that looks even worse. In this scenario, the doctor advises removing them surgically; however, it leaves permanent scars that cannot be fixed with any surgery or treatment.

3. Temporary Results 

Biopolymer injections are not affordable to many, but if someone can manage them, they would still have to dedicate an entire fortune to regular treatments with their cosmetologist. The injections might give you plump lips for a good six months, but the results barely last for six months. Once again, you have to go through the procedure again to get the result, simply put, the injections give temporary results.

It is not wise to go after treatments that are harmful to your body and are expensive and temporary. Remember that using biopolymer injections might leave scars that stick to you till your death.

4. Unethical Treatments 

As mentioned earlier, the FDA has not approved silicone for cosmetic purposes. Very few practitioners have the license to carry out procedures under unavoidable circumstances. Nevertheless, this has not stopped people from getting biopolymer injections. People go as far as getting their procedures done by unlicensed practitioners. It is not just unethical but also puts your life at risk. If your situation gets worse or you get any harm, you will not sue the doctor or his clinic as you, yourself, were a part of the illegal activity.

5. Permanent Disfigurement 

No one is stopping people from getting surgical implants. There is nothing wrong with approved breast implant that is different from injectable ones. Therefore, the FDA has recommended that people avoid injections because various practitioners inject silicone rather than the dermal filler approved by the authority. The silicone travels through the entire body and can permanently disfigure body parts, scarring and tissue death.

6. Leads to Death 

The unapproved injectable silicone tends to migrate beyond the injected site. In such cases, the situation gets out of control, and patients start feeling excruciating pain leading to serious injuries. In worse cases, these injections become a major cause of embolism (blockage of blood vessels). It could lead to a heart stroke and eventually death. The effect does not show up immediately, and patients ignore it because it takes weeks, months, or even years for the biopolymer to do the necessary damage.

7. Physical Problems 

People who have been undergoing these procedures for a long time have reported that they have been experiencing difficulty in breathing and facing recurring chest pain, which is a sign of stroke. This is further added by multiple problems in speech weakness in legs, face, or arms that make it impossible for patients to walk without feeling dizzy with a severe headache.

8. Skin Loss 

As biopolymers injections are injected into the skin, the impending reactions on the skin itself are inevitable. Some of the reactions were discussed earlier, but doctors have reported that illegal injections performed by unauthorized clinicians lead to significant skin loss. The skin starts changing with swelling at the injected area, itching, burning, and granuloma formation.

9. Causes ASIA Syndrome 

Research conducted by PMC declared that biopolymers injections cause Autoimmune/Inflammatory disease induced by adjuvants syndrome. This syndrome is caused by the biopolymer injection that is injected into the buttock area. It further accelerates autoimmune diseases.

Final Words

No beauty is worth your health and life. Usage of biopolymers injections is not only illegal but harmful to the extent that it could take your life. If you have had these injections before, now is the right to get them removed? Even though it can be removed through surgery, it is not advisable due to scarring. Therefore, Cool Laser removal is the most recommended and safe way to eliminate biopolymers from the body. The laser emits light wavelengths that vacuum the foreign substances. If you have taken biopolymers injections, now is the time to get rid of them, schedule a consultation immediately, and protect yourself from the impending harms of these injections. 

Remember, if you participate in something illegal, you have to face the consequences. You are beautiful and unique in your ways, and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. 

Hope this article encourages you to love yourself as you are and motivates you to never use biopolymers injections in your life. You might get temporary happiness, but the long-lasting impact of these kinds of injections is harmful to your body as well as the mind. 

Happy Reading.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels