9 Source Code Editors for MacOS You’ve Never Thought Of

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World Executives Digest | 9 Source Code Editors for MacOS You’ve Never Thought Of | If you know a little about coding, you know how liberating it can be to customize and modify your WordPress files. The struggle both new and experienced developers face is finding the best editor to write their code.

The goal of nearly every developer is to efficiently create error-free and optimized code within a timely manner. A skill that’s necessary for any code-based project whether it’s editing WordPress or developing an independent app!

The trick to boosting your code-writing abilities is to use a code editor. Even the most meticulous and experienced developers rely on quality code editors to catch errors and speed up the writing process!

Quality code editors offer many shortcuts and notify you of any syntax mistakes. No longer will you have to study lines upon lines of code to find that 1 missing semi-colon. Check out these 9 amazing source code editors that will make writing code a breeze!

  1. Sublime Text

Sublime is the best code editor for those looking for one that’s lightweight and compact. Despite this text editor’s small compact size, it packs a punch when it comes to power. Sublime offers similar features to IDE and allows for Python Scripting.

What many developers love about this Sublime is it lets you customize the editor for easier coding. You can also enjoy a black background in the text editor to enhance viewing the code.

The perks of Sublime include cross-platform support, a user-friendly interface, and syntax detection with error highlighting. The drawback to Sublime is it costs around $70 and can take time to open larger files. For those needing a simple code editor for mac, Sublime is a great choice!

  1. Notepad++ 

One of the best code editors for Mac is Notepad++. This text editor is like the big brother to the original Notepad. Notepad++ offers many more advanced features and a newer interface compared to its counterpart.

While Notepad++ can support various programming languages, it’s widely popular for HTML code. A few features include colored lines, syntax detection, and immediately highlights any errors.

Notepad++ supports external plugins, FTP, offers drag and drop options, and spell check among many more! The only drawback is it doesn’t support larger files. Any developer looking for a lightweight and efficient code editor should download notepad++ for mac.

  1. TextWrangler

Designed specifically for iOS, TextWrangler is a simple but powerful text editor. The best part? You can get it for free!

TextWrangler comes will many great features and boasts an intuitive user interface. This is one of the best editors for Mac as it makes browsing, searching, and working on your files incredibly efficient. It allows you to directly edit and save your files to FTP and SFTP servers.

The other advantages of TextWrangler include syntax text highlighting, supports UTF-8, and gives you the ability to change character encoding into text documents.

  1. BBEdit 

Are you particular about your code editor’s interface and usability? Look no further as BBEdit is a beautifully well-designed code editor for Mac. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that anyone can learn to use.

Besides its great looks, BBEdit is powerful and hosts many advanced features. Like most text editors, BBEdit has autocompletion, syntax highlighting, and advanced find-and-replace. It also features split editing windows and quick lookup to make your code editing a much faster process.

The advanced version of BBEdit is around $50. There’s also a free trial version but many developers find they love the BBEdit code editor.

  1. Atom 

Do you want a streamlined code text editor that is just as powerful as TextWrangler? Atom, designed by the genius minds from GitHub, is almost a replica of TextWrangler in terms of design and features. The major difference is Atom possesses a much simpler and user-friendly interface.

The perks of editing with Atom include GitHub community support for issues, plugins support, and Command Palette support. The best part is Atom is completely free. There’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try.

  1. TextMate

Another text editor designed for Mac is TextMate. This editor is one of the most popular code editors used by developers who code on iOS.

What sets it apart from other editors is it lets you program Ruby and Ruby on Rails languages. It’s also a great choice for anyone working in other modern coding languages. TextMate’s benefits include auto-completion, supports over 50 coding languages, and has a clipboard history.

  1. Visual Studio Code 

While this is a Microsoft-based text editor, it’s an open-source editor that also works seamlessly on Mac and Linux. A major advantage to this code editor is you can code without having to download the entire 3GB file!

It’s fast, uses little RAM, and consumes very little bandwidth. It also supports over 30 programming languages, offers GitHub control, and offers a portable version for some devices.

  1. UltraEdit 

UltraEdit is the best code editor for those looking for a premium experience. UltraEdit consists of many advanced and customizable programming features. It works well with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, C/C++, and many more programming languages.

This editor comes with an integrated secure FTP, code syntax highlighting, and multi-select features to edit common code simultaneously. UltraEdit’s impressive benefits come in at a hefty price of around $80 per year. It’s worth it for the serious developer.

  1. Brackets 

Brackets is a free open-source code editor created by Adobe. Adobe follows high standards for all of its software, including Brackets.

What’s truly unique about Brackets is its Extract feature. Anyone coding in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript can grab fonts, colors, gradients, and more directly from their Photoshop documents and place them in their CSS file. This is a major time-saver for developers working on complex or design-heavy code.

Brackets is also customizable and allows you to preview changes to your code in real-time.

Find the Perfect Code Editor Today! 

Many developers find it challenging to find the right code editor for Mac when there are so many readily available in today’s market. Make your coding life easier and check out these editors. You may just find the one you’ve been dreaming of!

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