A Bachelorette Party Any Outdoorsy Woman Will Love

A Bachelorette Party Any Outdoorsy Woman Will Love

A Bachelorette Party Any Outdoorsy Woman Will Love | Bachelorette parties are a blast for the bride and the bridal party. However, part of planning the perfect bachelorette bash is keeping in mind what your bride likes and enjoys. By maintaining focus on their interests, you’re sure to plan something that they’ll love. If your bride is someone who loves the outdoors, then you’re in luck. Continue reading to explore some incredible outdoorsy bachelorette party ideas that the bride-to-be is sure to cherish forever.

Go on an RV trip.

What better way to kick off a fun time with your closest friends than planning a lengthy getaway on the road? Get together with the bridal party and map out a one-of-a-kind road trip. If you plan to take an RV (or recreational vehicle) on your road trip to stay in with your friends, then it’s a wise idea to get RV insurance to protect your RV on the road. The last thing you want is for your getaway to be derailed by a broken down motorhome or camper and a day spent waiting for roadside assistance.

You might be wondering what is RV insurance and how can it be of use for your trip? To put it simply, RV insurance functions quite similarly to car insurance in that it protects your vehicle from property damage, bodily injury, vandalism, and collision coverage—depending on the type of coverage you opt for. Regardless of what you choose, an RV insurance policy is the perfect addition to a road trip bachelorette party for absolute peace of mind.

Explore a lake house getaway.

If your bride loves spending time outdoors, then a great bachelorette party idea is to rent out a lake house for a few nights. You can use common rental sites like Airbnb or Vrbo to search for available houses that allow parties for your desired amount of guests. Try to find the perfect location like a house that’s right off the lake or near trails so you can go appreciate the outdoors.

By booking a rental home you and your closest friends can rejoice in the wilderness in so many different ways. Consider going fishing, heading off on a boat ride, walking through hiking trails, or passing time at the beach for a bride that loves the outdoors. The best thing about these ideas is that they’re all fairly affordable, meaning you can spend your extra cash on items like meals, drinks, or other fun activities your bride will adore! You can also add some decorations such as a balloon arch, ring, or banner for a bachelorette party with “bride to be” mentioned. This all will make your party perfect and memorable.

Get the right gear for your adventures.

A big part of going on a bachelorette party trip where you’ll spend lots of time outdoors is to make sure that you have the right kinds of clothes. Not only do you need clothes for outdoorsy events, but you’ll also want to pack a variety of outfits that will also work to transition you for a night or two of going out to the bars and maybe even a night dancing! With all of this in mind, you should create a checklist of clothes to bring for this outdoors-focused bachelorette getaway. For example, while spending time outdoors, you might need hiking shoes, water shoes, activewear like a sports bra, a backpack, and a water bottle for all of your potential adventures.

In addition to the outdoors-focused clothing items, you’ll also want fun, cute outfits for any restaurant, bar, or winery trip. After all, it’s your bride’s last hoorah, so it’s highly likely they’ll want to get out there and celebrate at some point on the trip. Make sure to pack a nice outfit like a dressy outfit, regular bras, and heels or flats too. If you have trouble choosing a bra, then you should know how to measure for bra fit to take the hassle out of packing the right one. Once you use a measuring tape to find your correct bust measurement, you can choose a bra that will work for your nights enjoying the outdoors and one for your nights out on the town during this bachelorette vacation.