A Complete Diet: One Food for Each Organ System That Promises to Keep You Healthy Forever


WorldExecutivesDigest | A Complete Diet: One Food for Each Organ System That Promises to Keep You Healthy Forever | Almost all the diets you see today are for losing weight or cutting down cellulitis. They lack the wholesome nature that takes care of the ten different organ systems that work to keep you healthy. Let us take a look at the various components each of your organ systems need to function correctly.

Digestive system

Mouths to the anus, all the components that help to chew and digest food are parts of your digestive system. You need tons of healthy carbohydrates and fibers to help keep your system healthy and clean. So do not forget to include fruits, vegetables, and whole grain food.

Urinary system

The kidneys, urinary bladder, and urethra are essential to keep your body free of toxins. You need lots of fluids and micro-elements to maintain the balance. Always drink about 3 liters of water throughout the day. Throw in fruit juices and smoothies to mix things up a bit. Lack of enough fluids in the body can cause toxin and crystal buildup in the kidneys, which doctors can detect by WBC esterase test.

Nervous system

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential ingredients that keep the nerves healthy. Cholesterol and saturated fat are a must to keep the nervous system zippy.

Endocrine system

Your body needs a proper balance of hormones to function aptly. Biotin, pantothemic acid, iodine, and selenium should be essential components of your regular balanced diet for a healthy hormonal balance. Green vegetables, animal proteins, avocado, mushrooms, and milk are rich sources of these.

Muscular system

Muscles are made of severe proteins. You need tons of protein-rich food to keep your muscle system in proper shape. Animal proteins are the best sources, but vegetarians can opt for legumes, yogurt, and avocados for a protein-rich balanced diet.

Skeletal system

Calcium is the main component of the skeletal system. Most women need calcium supplements before and during menopause to keep a healthy bone density. Food sources rich in Vitamin D like cod liver oil, freshwater fish, eggs, and milk are excellent for the bones.  

Circulatory system

Anemia is a common problem even in first-world countries. Pay attention to your folic acid and iron intake for a healthy RBC count. You will also need to focus on food like green leafy vegetables, turnip, asparagus, and cabbage to up the levels of vitamin K and vitamin E.

Respiratory system

Vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, and flavonoids are a must for a healthy respiratory system. Carrots, green vegetables, grapes, citrus fruits and Indian gooseberries cover all the requirements here.

Native immunity

The most significant component of the innate immunity or integumentary system is the skin. Your skin needs almost all vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, niacin, and zinc to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent bacterial infections.

Reproductive system

This system depends on the endocrine system. Therefore, the finer health of the reproductive system lay more stress on the food that contributes to a healthy hormonal balance. Ideally, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, and whole grain food are great!

Any diet that covers at least one food that takes care of at least one organ system has the power to keep you feeling great and looking young for decades.