A Crash Course in Used CNC Machine Selling

A Crash Course in Used CNC Machine Selling

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | A Crash Course in Used CNC Machine Selling | Some people have never heard of CNC machines. They are specific machinery pieces that have one particular purpose, and the general public will not often encounter them.

A CNC machine means a computer numerical control machine. It generally refers to a 3D printer or a computer-controlled machining tool. The reason some companies use them is that they can manufacture material pieces that meet particular requirements.

If you have a customer who wants very tailored or specific items, they’ll want you to use custom CNC machining for production.. If you do, you can use coded programming instruction to get the proper results every time. In other words, you use a CNC machine when you want to eliminate human error from a manufacturing process as much as possible.

However, a time might come when you’re ready to sell your CNC machine, or perhaps more than one of them. You may want to get a new version, or maybe you’re discontinuing a particular product line and moving into another production area as you change your business model.

Let’s look at what you can do with your used CNC machines if you have no further use for them.

What to Know About CNC Machine Sales

If you want to look at selling used CNC machines, the first thing to realize is that there are not usually many options as far as who will want to buy them. That is because:

  • Some companies will only want to buy the newest CNC machines
  • Some business entities might worry about what condition yours are in

However, there are some outfits that both sell and buy CNC machines. You’ll have to do some research to see which one makes the most sense for you.

You can start by Googling “sell used CNC machines” or something along those lines to see what options come up. CNC machines are usually quite large and cumbersome, so you’ll probably want a company that is willing to come to you, rather than you going to them.

Maybe you can only locate a company that’s willing for you to bring them your used CNC machines. If so, you should think about whether that’s worth it since you’ll need to pay someone to load them into trucks for you and ship them. That’s a big additional expense, and it will hurt your bottom line.

Other Considerations

You should also consider whether you can get new CNC machines through the same company to which you are selling your used ones. Assuming you’re not completely getting away from this business model:

  • You’ll probably want new CNC machines to replace the old ones
  • You want newer ones that can satisfy your production requirements

In this respect, you can think about your used CNC machine sale in much the same way you’d think about a used car sale. You might have a used car that’s worth $3K, and you’re trying to get a newer model with an $8K sticker price.

You can sell your used CNC machines to certain wholesalers, and you can get back newer ones at cheaper than the asking price. You’ll need to talk to whoever is in charge to determine whether they’re okay giving you a discount on replacement machines if that’s what you need.

Otherwise, they probably won’t offer you as much money. If that what you’re doing (selling your used CNC machines without buying new ones to replace them), you should research how much what you have is worth before you try to sell. You should look at how old they are and how much work you’ve done with them.

If they’re still usable, you should get decent money for them. Even if you’re no longer using a computer numerical control production methodology, you can always use that money for other things. You can allocate it just about anywhere you want, depending on what you and your shareholders feel should be your company’s next move.

Maybe you’ll use that as seed money for an entirely new enterprise. The point is that your used CNC machines are almost always worth something. 

You never want to haul them to the dump unless something happened to them which rendered them completely useless. Even the older, used models are typically worth something to someone, so you don’t just want to get rid of them without cashing in.

CNC machines are a valuable resource, even older ones, so make sure you get back what yours are worth if you’re ready to sell.