A Guide to Finding Hospitality Jobs Amid COVID-19

A Guide to Finding Hospitality Jobs
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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | A Guide to Finding Hospitality Jobs Amid COVID-19 | The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has dented almost all industries. But few are as severely hit as the hospitality sector. Hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping malls were ordered to shut down indefinitely. Not only hospitality recruitment dried up, but also layoffs became a common practice. Here’s a guide on how to find jobs in the hospitality sector amidst the Coronavirus pandemic:

Take Advantage of Normalization 

The COVID-19 restrictions forced everyone in Australia and around the world to stay indoors. Now, after six months or so, the government has decided to lift the lockdowns previously imposed. 

On October 28, Melbourne, which underwent Australia’s second wave, eased the restrictions and allowed certain industries to open and operate. As per a survey from May 26, 2020, 28% of industry experts predicted that things would get normal in 4-6 months, and 26% predicted in 7-12 months. This is essentially the November-December time frame if we take the average.

Therefore, as various sectors are opening up, you should take advantage of it and level up your job search. Hospitality recruitment will likewise gain speed. So you should start applying for jobs wherever possible.

Be Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where most professionals and recruiters are active. So if you’re not on LinkedIn yet, you should create a profile right away. It is both free and easy. The social network for professionals has a jobs section where you can find jobs posted by recruiters. You can filter by sector. So if you’re in the hospitality sector, you can find jobs posted by hospitality recruiters.

Being active also means you need to post useful content. This can be about your personal story, some insider stories about the hospitality sector, stats and figures, work experience with your previous employer, and learnings — just about anything useful. This will attract the recruiters and help you stand out.

Finally, you can personally contact the recruiters by sending them a message which is called an “InMail” on LinkedIn. This is obviously a paid functionality.

But you can’t afford to not be on LinkedIn when you’re looking for a job.

Sign up with Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are your best friend when you’re on a job hunt. They work with multiple local, national, and international organizations that are continually looking for new hiring. 

As the restrictions are being lifted nationwide, the hiring is expected to grow. By signing up with a recruitment agency, you will receive job offers that match your profile. These job offers are typically not posted elsewhere. So you get exclusive access to these jobs.

Upskill Yourself

Finally, you should always look to upskill yourself and learn new skills that you didn’t get to learn previously. You can sign up for MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and take courses in your sector. Many reputed universities provide these courses. Even LinkedIn Learning has an online learning centre where you can take classes and get certified. This will increase your chances of getting hired.

With the situation improving, you should be prepared for any hospitality recruitment opportunities that come your way. The points mentioned above will not only help you prepare but also create opportunities.