A Guide to Jewellery and Gemstone Maintenance

A Guide to Jewellery
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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | A Guide to Jewellery and Gemstone Maintenance | Since time immemorial, jewellery has been an integral part of society. Many of us invest excessively in accessorising because of how timeless jewels are. Such expensive accessories last forever, and this justifies the high price tags that are attached to them. However, to ensure they last long, one must take proper care of their jewellery.

Different gemstones require different methods and frequency of cleaning. The first step to having long-lasting jewellery is purchasing from verified sources because these cleaning tips are useless if the accessories themselves do not last long. Especially while buying expensive stones like black diamonds, do not skip verifying because this can be a costly mistake.

Jewellery can appear dull because of body oils or lotions and needs proper cleaning to sparkle. Read on to understand your jewellery and the care and maintenance it requires to keep shining for decades!

Step 1 – Identify the Band Material and Gemstone

Different metals have different standards of cleaning, and identification is the first and easiest step of cleaning. Many might already know these details because they are specified before you make the purchase. Comparing it with pictures online can get confusing (especially because silver and platinum look alike). Ensure that you remember these details before making a purchase and figure out a method for organised storage if there are too many accessories. 

Step 2 – Cleaning the Band or Metallic Areas

  1. Silver Jewellery– Using silver polish is the best foolproof method in the market. Polishes remove dirt and grime and leave a protective layer to prevent scratches without dulling the jewellery shine. Liquid polishing can be time-consuming, and another alternative is to use silver wipes. These wipes prevent swirling and smudging and provide an almost perfect result. At home, one can use warm water and a dish soap or toothpaste mixture. Wipe with a soft cloth and then buff dry with another cloth. 
  2. Gold Jewellery – Gold requires gentler cleaning. Use warm water and a body wash or soap mixture. It is safer to place all the pieces in a strainer and soak them for five minutes. Scrub gently with a toothbrush to dislodge any grime in crevices and wash with water. Buff dry with a microfibre cloth to prevent swirling. 
  3. Copper Jewellery – Copper tarnishes readily and leaves green stains on one’s skin. To prevent this tarnishing, sealing with wax or polish is the best preventive measure. To get rid of tarnish, use lemon juice and salt. Scrub, rinse, and buff dry. 

Step 3 – Cleaning the Gemstones

Identifying gemstones prove more difficult since unique stones come in a variety of colours like black diamonds. Remember which stone it is on purchasing, but here are a few general cleaning tips.

  1. General Gemstone Cleaning – Gemstones require gentler cleaning than metals. Harsh cleaning can result in scratches that can dull your jewels. Make a mixture of warm water and Baby bath soap or hand wash and use a soft-bristled brush (usually one for sensitive gums) and gently swirl in circles.
  2. Black Diamond Cleaning – Coloured diamonds are usually soaked in warm water and then wiped down with a mixture of diluted ammonia mixed in 1/4th the same part of water. If this seems like a long process, jewellers usually have cleaning solutions for coloured diamonds on sale.
  3. Pearl Cleaning – Wiping the pearls with lukewarm water and a mild soap mixture is the best option. Soaking the pearls can damage them, and using water that is too hot or too cold can be disastrous as well. 

Cleaning Jewellery is a simple step in making the most out of an investment in accessories and should be a commitment before purchasing. Happy Accessorising!

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