A Spousal Guide on How to Support Your Man With Impotence

www.www.worldexecutivesdigest.com A Spousal Guide on How to Support Your Man With Impotence | Impotent or ED is a condition that not only affects men, but their partners too. Here’s how to support your man if he is struggling with this condition.

Millions of men across the United States struggle with erectile dysfunction. As a matter of fact, numbers that are presented regarding E.D. are likely much higher in reality given rampant under-reporting when it comes to this health issue.

If you’re married and find that your husband is struggling with erectile dysfunction, things can get tense. Your husband may be feeling ashamed, you may be feeling frustrated and your relationship may start to breed resent.

Before all those negative feelings start eroding your marriage, we recommend finding helpful ways to support your man.

Not sure how to support a man with E.D.? Keep reading for helpful tips!

  1. Don’t Make Him Feel Worse Than He Already Does

Having trouble maintaining erections cuts into men deeply. For many of them, sex is not only something they enjoy but being able to perform is intertwined with their self-worth.

Therefore, when your man is struggling in the bedroom, it’s imperative that you don’t get outwardly frustrated or, heaven forbid, shame him.

Understand that whatever frustration we may feel towards ill people, the person that’s struggling with the medical condition is feeling it ten-fold. With that in mind, keep your emotions in check as your formulate how best to support your man through his struggle.

  1. Make It Clear You Want to Be Part of the Solution

One of the hardest aspects of managing E.D. is talking about it. As we noted in our last point, having trouble performing can be a source of deep shame. By breaking the ice on the subject in a friendly way, you can start to chip away at the taboo the topic carries and create a sense of comfort.

With that comfort created, you and your partner can be more open about sharing your feelings and working together to come up with a plan.

  1. Suggest a Trip to the Doctor

The absolute best way to start managing E.D. is to talk to a physician about it. E.D. can be caused by a variety of things including blood pressure issues and sometimes, serious underlying diseases.

To get to the bottom of what may be causing your husband’s performance issues, a doctor can run a series of tests and in most cases, offer viable solutions based on results.

To make that headway, your husband needs to see his doctor. If that idea is one he isn’t comfortable with, do what you can to nudge him. You might suggest that you have family members or friends with similar problems that saw great results after being prescribed Caverject or other popular medications.

  1. Get Educated Without Becoming Preachy

The more you learn about E.D., the more effectively you’ll be able to support your man. Fortunately, there is a variety of literature on the subject, much of which you can find online.

As you learn about E.D. it can be tempting to get heavy-handed with the advice you give to your husband on how to remedy the situation. Remember, even if you and your husband are open about discussing performance issues, the subject is still a source of pain for him. Consequently, if you get too pushy, your husband may start to close off.

Approach discussing E.D. suggestions tactfully and you’ll find that your advice is better received.

  1. Be Open to Exploring New Intimacy Pathways

E.D. doesn’t have to ruin you and your husband’s love life. It could even liven it up.

There are several great ways to be intimate which we won’t go into but we’re sure you can imagine. So, let your imagination run wild!

Take your husband’s performance issues as an opportunity to take your intimacy to exciting places.

  1. Lead by Example When It Comes to Health

Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and being overweight are all major contributors to E.D. If you suspect that one of those issues may be at the root of your husband’s condition, consider pushing yourself and him to lead healthier lifestyles.

Invite your husband to the gym. Start pressing for healthier meal choices. Go on walks.

Not only will you championing health have a positive effect on your husband’s ability to perform but it will also have a major impact on your relationship’s overall quality of being.

  1. Check Your Expectations

Just as women have fought to reduce objectification and being held to unfair standards sexually, men too have stereotypes to contend with when it comes to sex. Your husband is not a machine and there are limits to the consistency and endurance he can bring to intimate encounters.

While there is always room for improvement and you shouldn’t feel bad about pushing for new developments, always try to be fair about what you expect.

The More You Support Your Man Through His E.D. The Faster You’ll See Improvement

While E.D. is largely attributed to physical issues, there is a large psychological component to it. If you’re able to support your man to the point where he’s able to feel psychologically comfortable with intimacy, you’ll find that improvement physically will follow thereafter.

As a closing thought, we want to remind you that your husband’s inability to perform almost certainly has nothing to do with you. Taking your partner’s E.D. personally is a recipe for resentment that is misplaced and unhelpful so cast that thought out.

Instead, take an optimistic approach to the issues you’re facing and feel free to browse more of the health content on our blog if you’d like additional information!