A Work from Home Guide Every Professional Needs

A Work from Home Guide Every Professional Needs

WorldExecutivesDigest.com  | A Work from Home Guide Every Professional Needs | The era of digitalisation is ideal for breaking the traditional ways of working. Instead of waking up early, getting stuck in a traffic jam and sitting in an office for hours, you have an opportunity to create a work environment from home. Be your own boss in the house!

Even though working from home sounds like a dream come true, many professionals are struggling to maintain their focus and stay productive. That’s why we’ve created this work from home guide that will help you battle everyday struggles and finish your work on time. 

1. Work station is essential

Working from home gives you a chance to explore different workspaces. You can sit on a couch, work in the kitchen or even lay in bed. But if you want to remain professional and productive, you’ll need a designated work station. What does it include?

Besides your computer or a smart device, you’ll need a large enough desk to fit everything else you need. In addition to that, you mustn’t forget about the comfortable office chair that supports your back and posture. Keep in mind that if you want to remain focused, you should remove all the distractors from your workspace. Only keep the essential things!

2. Create a to-do list

As working from home provides you with flexibility, it’s quite easy to slip off the schedule and find yourself three hours later watching telly. To prevent that from happening, you should create a to-do list every night or morning before work. How can that help?

To-do lists are ideal for organising your time. Sort tasks according to the priority and set a clear timetable and goal for each one. That will help you remove the unnecessary things from the list or reschedule some tasks for later. Organising your day like that will provide you with the structure moat people usually lack when working from home.

3. Set office hours

Even though remote work allows you to check in later or turn off your computer a bit earlier, you need to set office and working hours. They are beneficial for many reasons. Office hours provide you with the structure you need during the day.

To successfully work from home, always start your workday at the same time. For instance, every day at 8 in the morning turn on your computer to start your day. Set the hours you’ll be available. Don’t answer emails and phone calls outside your office hours. On top of that, don’t run personal errands while you’re working. If you want to be a successful remote worker, you need to respect your schedule.

4. Don’t skip breaks

Breaks are essential for productivity! Workaholics often get carried away with work and forget to take breaks, which can, sooner or later, affect their productivity. Even though you may feel fine without breaks in the beginning, before you know it, you’ll start to feel burnt out. That will negatively affect your work.

So, take at least 3 major breaks during the day. Don’t ever skip lunch. Even though coffee breaks may seem more important at the moment, you won’t get far with an empty stomach. So, use those breaks wisely to refill your mug, stretch, head to the loo and eat your meals! 

5. Carefully handle confidential information

Safely depositing confidential information can be tricky while working from home. As most personal computers don’t have the required network protection, data theft is easier and more common. You’re probably aware that such illegal actions can ruin your entire project or jeopardize the company. So, how can you handle confidential information at home?

If you’re an IT specialist, you probably know how to protect your data and network. Make sure that your internet connection is secure. On top of that, it’s best to use VPN while working from home to protect your data as well. 

6. Hold meetings online

Working from home may feel lonely at times. Some people crave human contact outside their household and families, which is completely normal. That’s why you need to implement communication channels where you’ll be able to keep up with your favourite co-workers and hold online meetings with clients. 

Even though you won’t be able to meet your co-workers and clients face to face, you’ll at least see their faces and hear their voices by implementing conference call services. It’s the fastest and most reliable way of connecting with people online. On top of that, these kinds of services provide you with rich video and great audio just one click away.

7. Maintain productivity

A lot of remote workers struggle to maintain their productivity and creativity while working from home. Even though no recipe will guarantee you more productivity, you can try to stick to your schedule and stay focused on your work while doing your job remotely. Are there any more productivity tips?

Using a screen recorder comes in handy while working from home as it helps boost productivity. You can skip meetings and share updates, review work through screen recording videos.

If you search for tips for productivity while working at home, you’ll get a lot of useful ideas. For example, don’t let your family or household in your home office or near your workspace during your work hours. It will only distract you from achieving your goals. In addition to that, set clear goals while working remotely, so you can celebrate once you achieve them!


From a suitable work environment to a strict schedule, these are the things you need to know and do to work from home effectively. Whether you’ve permanently shifted to work from home or it’s only a set of current circumstances, you need to learn how to adapt to different conditions. That’s why this guide can help you make a smooth transition from office to remote work.

Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several websites.