Accelerated Coach Training Program: The Key to Being a Credentialed Coach

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Coaching is a serious profession. Professional coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change. That’s why it’s highly recommended to become a credentialed coach.

International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest global organization of professional coaches with over 20,000 members in 100+ countries, awards ICF credential to coaches who have successfully undergone an Accelerated Coach Training Program. The ICF Credential demonstrates that one’s coaching practice is based on Global Standards and will therefore give him the distinction and the edge over other professional coaches. Moreover, an ICF Credential is similar to a degree or professional designation with global recognition. So with it, you can practice Professional Coaching anywhere else in the world.

In the Philippines, Benchmark Consulting, the country’s premiere coaching, training, and leadership development company, offers Accelerated Coach Training Program (ACTP), one of the few courses in the world approved by the ICF.

To become a credentialed coach, the program gives coaches  60 coach training hours for their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Application. It is the ONLY training package that comes FREE with the following requirements for ICF credential: (1) 10 hours Mentor Coaching over 3 months, (2) mentoring  to surely pass the Written Exam; and (3) assistance in logging coaching hours. Moreover, participants are assured they are learning the ICF Core Coaching Competencies correctly because the mentor coach has an ICF – Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential.

ACTP has opened my eyes to the real world of Coaching. I had so many misconceptions about coaching before I took the course – that coaching is guiding and mentoring the coachee on what to do, based on the Coach’s expertise of subject at hand and suggesting solutions to issues/problems. I had to unlearn all these after ACTP taught me that Coaching is not content-directive, and it requires an entirely different set of skills and process. Julius is a very effective coach, trainer, and mentor as he practices what he preaches. He is sincere and patient in his approach.” – Alma Horn, Independent HR Consultant; Former Country HR Director at Citibank NA, Philippines.


ACTP is a 4-month course with three phases:

Phase I: 4-Day Coaching Intensives. This workshop immerses participants in the science and art of coaching with focus on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

Phase II: Supervised 3-Month Practicum. Phase II gives  the opportunity to practice coaching with chosen client while being supervised, coached, and mentored by a Master Certified Coach (MCC).

Phase III: 2-Day Coaching Clinic & Close-Out. This workshop reinforces  coaching capabilities and will serve as the final assessment of one’s coaching proficiency.

In this learning journey, participants will experience and internalize the following:

  • The True Power of Coaching: Why Coaching Works
  • The Context of Coaching: The Many Applications of Coaching
  • Coaching as a Profession: The Joys & Rewards of Being a Professional Coach
  • Coaching Specializations: What’s your Niche?
  • Understanding the Science Behind Coaching
  • The Cornerstones of Coaching
  • Heavy Influences of Coaching
  • Practical 3-Step Coaching Dialogue: A Transformation Process
  • ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Situational Coaching: Coaching Styles
  • Coaching and Culture
  • Jumpstarting Your Coaching Practice
  • The Coaching Ethical Standards based on ICF Code of Ethics
  • The ICF Credentialing Process

This coming June 29-30, Benchmark will run the 3rd phase of ACTP for the 1st batch of coaches enrolled this year. The next schedule of Benchmark’s ACTP (Phase 1) will be on August 15-18.

For more program details, contact:
tel: +63-2-8127177
mobile: +63-920-9125329