Acoustic Ceilings Panels: For Excellent Sound Quality

acoustic ceiling

You may have often wondered how to keep your studio sound intact within a space. Reverberation, resonance and sound quality must be perfect for an overall jamming session. However, there can be serious trouble with your neighbors if you do not ‘keep the noise down’. Well, acoustic ceilings panels are the best products for you if you are a musician, enthusiast or artist who deals with sound on a daily basis.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceilings Panels:

  • The panels are exceptionally equipped to absorb sound, eliminating any disruption or clamor of the hard ceilings. The ambient pandemonium or even the slightest undesired noise is effortlessly eliminated by the panels.
  • They can effectively hide ducts (used for heating or cooling) and makes a good choice for remodels.
  • The mineral fiber quality of the product is useful in reducing echoes. It doesn’t distort the sound which bounces from wall to wall.
  • Being highly light reflective, acoustic ceiling panels can save a handful of utility bills. They can satisfactorily resist humidity or fire.
  • Flexibility is another great advantage of acoustic ceilings panel. They can be easily installed, opened, removed or replaced. Frequent movement never causes any harm to the product and it is within minutes that you can set up your room aesthetically.

Types of Panels:

You will come across several commercial spaces like auditoriums, lecture or seminar halls, offices, theatres or classrooms that incorporate acoustic ceilings panels. This is because it retains the ultra-realistic sound firmly and allows a large group of audience to participate. Conference halls, recording studios, boardrooms or shopping centers make perfect use of the panels.

There are several kinds for you to choose from. It depends entirely on your taste, preference, decor and room setting.

  • Suspended Ceiling – Typically ceiling panels of 2×2 foot tiles are dropped from a structured ceiling base into an interlocking metal grid. Dropped ceilings are the most in-demand product and are known for their high soundproofing quality. Larger panels are easily put up and are cost-effective.
  • Glued Ceiling – 1×1 foot tiles are glued straight onto the ceiling base. Exposed pipes or wires are easily covered, and sound articulation is perfect.

They usually come in standard colors of white or off-white. However, you can choose to paint them as per your requirements. Those panels which are not fireproof will protect you for at least 20 minutes in case of an emergency. You can select the most suitable material for your panels from the following:

  • Pressed Fiber – It acts as a light cushion for sound absorption.
  • Vinyl – Distracting sounds are not easily dampened by this material. Hence, they are best suited for washrooms than living rooms. Their moisture-resistant property also makes it a household favorite. If you need extra insulating properties, you can always use fiberglass with a vinyl surface.
  • Metal – Acoustic Ceilings Panels made of metal are very easy to clean. It eliminates grease and heat to such an extent that they can be used in kitchens. Lay-in designs and matching crown molding are also available.

Tips to Consider While Purchasing Acoustic Ceilings Panels:

  • The size or pattern of the panel will depend solely on the sound traffic that your room withholds. The noise levels which you encounter should be noted daily, at least for a week.
  • Next, you determine the purpose. You may want to keep noise from entering your room. In this case, the acoustic ceiling panels which the manufacturer provides would be different from the ones which you may have used to retain every bit of sound from your music system.
  • Measure the area of the space accurately to prevent hassle.