ADA: Unlocking Brands’ Potentials through Digital Disruption

Mitzi Ilagan, Associate Editor, WED | ADA, an integrated digital marketing business, basically disrupts marketing for brands and businesses across Asia. While most brands and businesses switch to digital marketing and advertising, how does this company make sense of it?

If you are a new business owner and you would like to figure out how you can flourish in the industry even as a beginner, one way to survive the journey is finding a partner. As a data-driven integrated marketing business, this company helps by trying to understand your business goals and then construct a creative strategy using the data gathered.

ADAIn essence, ADA’s goal is to help you engage with your audience wherever they are at any time using the right message. With most people using their smartphones for their daily activities, it serves as one of the most important means to relay a brand’s message.

Recently, ADA’s CEO, Srinivas Gattamneni, together with ADA’s Country Director Gilbert Cadiang (Philippines), conversed with Mediablast Digital Corporation CFO and Co-CEO Zes Martinez and Digital Head, Anthony Andrada, together with Mattel Soliven and MJ Cordova from the ABS-CBN Digital Media Division. ADA, ABS-CBN, and Mediablast Digital Corporation, a premier digital content marketing network and creative outsource firm, realize the importance of data in setting goals and the significance of changing trends in marketing and advertising as they both attend to brands’ needs in distinct methods. In fact, on a monthly basis, ADA processes over 50 billion records of data from their telco-powered proprietary data management platform (DMP), Xact.

Rise of the Disruptors (from left to right): Gilbert Cadiang (ADA Phils. Country Director), ADA CEO Srinivas Gattamneni, Anthony Andrada and Mitzi Ilagan, Mediablast Digital Corporation, Partnerships Head MJ Cordova and Integrated Marketing Head Mattel Soliven-Celestino, ABS-CBN Digital Media Division, and Mediablast Digital Corporation Co-COO and CFO, Zes Martinez

Today, as data and new technologies drive marketing, advertising agencies would have to adjust to these changing trends. More and more brands now consult directly to digital platforms as they shift from traditional to digital. Brands are missing out on opportunities because there are still barriers between their methods and the digital approach. But with a direct approach, just as how ADA does it, they can disrupt the value chain. The future of advertising goes beyond television and OOH because soon, everything would be programmatic, just as how radio can now be streamed in online apps.

Through their provided data, brands can fully understand what a customer wants which can also be used by advertisers in crafting ideas for their advertising plans.

ADA (analytics, data, advertising) is the largest independent digital marketing company in Asia, with a total of 201 specialists in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. They deliver a full suite of high-performance digital services through adaFutures, studioA, adaReach, adaAcquire, adaXchange, and XACT.

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