Advanced Excel Skills: 7 Tips to Become a Pro in No Time

Tips to Become a Pro in No Time | Advanced Excel Skills: 7 Tips to Become a Pro in No Time | Do you want to analyze data as the professionals do? Look no further than Microsoft Excel.

Excel is the backbone of organizing data. The better you are, the faster and more efficiently you work. You turn complex data into simple and beautiful visuals. You can even use c# to improve the way you read data (learn here how to read excel file in c#).

Here are seven advanced Excel skills you can teach yourself.

Skill 1: Select All with One Click

Let’s start basic but effective. Everyone knows you can select all content using CTRL + A. But very few know that if you press the top-left corner button of an excel sheet, all your data will be selected in seconds!

Skill 2: New Shortcut Menu

Every Excel user will need different tools. Why not create another shortcut menu for your most-used tools?

The shortcut menu in Excel usually has Save, Undo Typing, and Repeat Typing. If you want to add to them, then follow these steps:

  • File
  • Options
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add your tools
  • Save it

Now you have more shortcut tools in the top menu!

Skill 3: Create Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are used to analyze data like a pro. These tables automatically group matching data and give quick summaries from a table. For example, group all relevant data about different products.

This allows you to sort, count, total, and average relevant groupings of data.

Go to the ‘Tables’ section from the Insert tab when you have a table of data set up in your sheet.

Skill 4: Flash Fill

Excel can be used to automatically fill in tabs for you. It has a mind of its own!

For example, you have two columns of data (names and email addresses). If you only fill out one column, you can use flash fill to complete the second column (after giving it a hint on the first row).

See for yourself! Go to Data and to Flash Fill to turn it on.

Skill 5: Filters

If you want to quickly explore a ton of data in sheets, the filter is your best friend. It helps you hide all the data that is not useful to your search.

Let’s say you only want to look at customers from Germany. You can use a filter to only highlight German customers and hide the ones from other countries.

Apply filters by heading over to Data and then Sort & Filter.

Skill 6: Conditional Formatting

This skill helps you sort out data while you place it into the sheet. It does this by changing the color of a cell and its content based on a certain condition.

For example, highlight any Customers from Germany in blue so that they are marked from the beginning.

Go to the Home tab and then to Styles to apply formatting.

Skill 7: Charts

Last but not least, easily present lines of data with charts. Excel has over 20 different types of charts. Usually, you need at least a single series of numbers to generate a chart.

Sometimes, you’ll need two (e.g. for a Scatter chart). This is the best way to display the data analysis. Find it by going to the Insert tab and then to Charts.

Become a Pro in Advanced Excel Skills

It’s possible to learn Excel online! These seven advanced Excel skills are just the beginning. Excel is a powerful program that will elevate your projects.

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