Advantages Associated with the Commercial Suspended Ceilings


Romeo Denzell, World Executives Digest | The ceilings in the commercial places, such as offices, hospitals, schools, malls, industrial units, etc. have one particular thing in common. Most of the commercial buildings feature suspended ceiling, which is also known as false ceiling. The aesthetic appeal and durability of commercial suspended ceilings have always impressed everyone. The smooth finish associated with this kind of ceiling can really add more beauty to the commercial space.

But, apart from aesthetic value and durability, there are many other reasons that make commercial false ceilings widely popular. In the present time, there are many companies available that provide installation services related to suspended ceilings. But, before you go for this kind of ceiling, do not forget to consider following points. 

Benefits of Going with Commercial Suspended Ceilings

  • Easy maintenance– The major components involved in this kind of ceiling always remain hidden; such as pipes and wires. As a result, you do not have to work hard in order to clean the ceiling. Plus, you do not have to use any special cleaning solution for the same.
  • Highly affordable– The installation of suspended or false ceiling is really simple and easy. As a result, labour cost associated with the installation part is not heavy your pocket. If you take into consideration the installation and un-installation of the plaster ceiling, it will cost you a lot. But, in the case of suspended ceilings, the components can be detached easily and quickly too. All you have to do is to select the colour of your ceiling. This particular aspect also helps in replacing the suspended ceiling after every couple of months to revamp the look of your commercial space, without making a hole in the wallet.
  • Acoustics– Yes, this kind of ceiling is really effective in absorbing noise. In offices and hospitals, it is important to maintain a peaceful environment, and in this regard, the suspended ceilings have proven worth. Sound absorbing tiles that are available these days for suspended ceilings are very easy to install.
  • Easy installation– Like it was mentioned above, the panels or tiles can be installed very easily. In fact, if you have the necessary tools like ladder, hammer, etc. you can do it yourself. The tiles or panels are not at all heavy. There are many suppliers that deal in DIY suspended ceiling packages.
  • Insulation– The panels used in commercial suspended ceilings are usually made up of plywood, and this material is quite a good insulator of heat. In the summer days, the suspended ceiling can prevent the heat from entering into the room. As a result, the air conditioning system will not have to work hard in order to cool down the space. So, this particular aspect can help you to save some good amount of money in the long run.
  • Light fixtures– In any commercial building, lighting remains a vital part. More numbers of light fixtures are needed in commercial places like offices, shopping malls, warehouses, hospitals, etc. It is easy to slice these panels with the help of electric cutters. All you have to do is choose the locations where you want to get the lighting fixtures installed. The effect of warm light on the white panels can render a beauty look to the ceiling.   

Apart from them, there are few more reasons that have added to the popularity of commercial suspended ceilings. No doubt, there is a wide range of designs available in the market. The blend of colours and striking textures of panels are all set to amaze you. When choosing a colour, you certainly have to keep in mind the interior decor of your commercial space.