Age Gracefully: 5 Common Health Issues in Middle Adulthood

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WED | Age Gracefully: 5 Common Health Issues in Middle Adulthood | Middle age is a life stage when health issues never experienced before begin to manifest. Read this to learn what are common health issues in middle adulthood.

Middle age. Most middle-aged people, roughly between 45 and 65, resist the label. But this is no excuse to ignore issues in middle adulthood that affect your health.

You can tell yourself that you still feel young. You might even be more active than you were in your mid-twenties, gardening, playing a sport, or going for regular long walks. You might even have a perfectly healthy diet and still be in pretty good shape.

The reality is that you are likely to face a few health challenges, if not in middle age, then certainly by the time you reach 65. We’ve taken a look at five common health issues middle-aged people face. Here’s what you need to know. 

Weight Gain Issues in Middle Adulthood

You lose muscle mass as you age. Your body burns up fewer calories than it did when you were younger, for the same physical activities. Even if you’ve always been slim and trim, you could start gaining weight.

For women, this often coincides with menopause. For men and women, bodily changes mean watching more carefully what you eat, because, in middle age, it is harder to lose weight than when you’re a spring chicken. 

Do take care to eat a balanced diet. Women, in particular, are in danger of developing osteoporosis and should ask their doctor for a bone density test at the onset of menopause.

Heart Disease, High BP, DVT, and Stroke

Being overweight increases your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, and stroke. But the extra pounds can pose an even bigger burden for older people. Everyday movements like walking and getting out of chairs get harder. Obesity and arthritis often go together.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the US of men aged 45–54. Regular medical checkups are your friend.

Long In the Tooth

The term “long in the tooth” means you’re old. It refers to the fact that your gums recede as you grow older. Continued dental hygiene is a must if you still want teeth when you’re old.

Oh, and remember all those cavities you had filled when you were a kid? Well, those are likely to start crumbling and breaking off. Most often, the best solution is root canals.

We might as well include a word about being kind to your teeth and lungs by giving up smoking, especially as respiratory problems such as flu and pneumonia occur with greater frequency as you age.


Your risk of cancer increases markedly once you have your “fifty and fabulous” birthday, and half of all cancers occur in people over 65. Of course, it doesn’t mean you will get some form of cancer in old age, but adopting healthy habits long before you hit middle age is a very good idea for this reason alone.

Keep Going– Life Ain’t All Bad

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many people experience increased libido in their forties which can last well past retirement age. How much pleasure is in store for you depends on your commitment to staying healthy.

De-stress daily and look after yourself while you’re still young. Your sagging middle-aged self will thank you.

Don’t worry about wrinkles, one of the big issues in middle adulthood. With failing vision, you won’t notice them so much.

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