All You Need to Know About Industrial Dust Extraction Systems

Industrial Dust Extraction Systems

Industrial dust extraction systems are basically mechanisms which are used to enhance the quality of the air. That and other toxic materials are caught midway in these extraction systems so that the fumes released are not harmful and fatal to the health and environment. Thus, the quality of the air is looked after by collecting the impurities of the gas with the help of industrial dust extraction systems. Such systems are mainly designed in such a manner that they can handle and withstand high volumes of dust and dirt load without breaking down. Such dust collectors generally consist of a dust filter which is strong and specially made for such purposes, blower, a well-designed filter-cleaning system and an efficient dust removal system too. Dust collectors and air purifiers should not be considered as the same. Dust collectors collect and accumulate the dust and have a filter cleaning system to dispose the dirt. On the other hand, air purifiers use disposable filters which can remove if they become dirty and dusty.

To use industrial dust extraction systems is absolutely mandatory nowadays because of the increase in pollution and lack of hygiene and sanitation. All kinds of environment are badly affected by the harmful and toxic disposable of fumes from industries and factories. This implies lack of responsibility and humanity towards nature and environment and the people working in around that environment. The industrial work life is full of difficulties and that is toughened up due to lack of hygiene and sanitation in work areas and spreading illness and diseases with complete un-awareness. Thus, use of such industrial dust extraction systems is made mandatory by government of various countries to protect the rights of the people and nature.

Design of the industrial dust collector

To explain in simple words, industrial dust extraction systems are basically dust collectors which are specifically designed to collect the dust, dirt and toxic pollutants from the releasing fumes or air and purify it. It is specially designed in such a manner that the harmful contaminants are collected from the air so that no harm is caused to the environment. Such dust collecting mechanisms can be categorized into 4 types: Inertial Separators, Wet Scrubbers, Filtered Collectors and Electrostatic Precipitators.

Majority of the dust collectors have same structure from inside and thus, their mechanism is more or less the same. They have an inlet of a collector which allows them to filter in all the toxic and dirty fumes inside the mechanism, then there is a blower which helps the purified air pass through the mechanism itself, and then there is the main internal body, which is nothing but the cleaning system for the filters used in the industrial dust extraction systems. The internal body also comprises of a discharge mechanism as well which collects the particles for removal or reusable purposes. All of these components remain more or less the same, involving a slight little variation according to application. Other than that, these are parts are the key foundation to all ties of dust collectors without which they will not be able function efficiently.

Importance of industrial dust extraction systems in work place

Cleanliness and sanitation of work place should be the number one priority for the company or factory as the employees work for them. If the employees themselves are not satisfied with the working conditions, then the low production with low quality work is quite natural. To provide safe and healthy working conditions is the duty of the managers and industrial dust extraction systems are a major step towards that safety of health. With good and healthy environment, the employees get an extra incentive and encourage working efficiently.