All You Need to Know About Netball Competitions


Zac Ferry, WED |  Netball is very similar to Basketball or rather you can say that it is the early version derived from the basketball game. In Netball, two teams compete against each with seven players in each team. The game in simple word is that two teams will be given a rectangular court with a ring raised on a board. The players of each team need to score goals passing the ball along the court and then shooting the ball in ring while the other team players will be assigned specific positions with certain roles and their movements will be restricted to a limited area and must save the opponent team from shooting the ball in the ring during a Netball competition.

Rules to Follow in Netball

There are certain rules which make the Netball competition a healthy and fair one. You will need to follow these rules to be considered a fair player in the team. Check out the below rules followed during Netball competition:

  • Very first, it is the responsibility of the trainer or the coach training the students to ensure that they are ready in a way that they are well acquainted with the rules and easily follow them keeping up the sporting spirit and opting for safe practices.
  • Players before entering a Netball competition should be fit both physically and technically and abide by the rules of the game.
  • Equal opportunity and a fair chance need to be given to every player participating in the game.
  • Umpires who are selected to follow up with the game for foul play and penalties should be unbiased and impartial.
  • Other rules include substitution of players which can only be done when a player is injured or after halftime.
  • The team shall consist of 7 players and not less than 5 players. If more players come, then they can join the team only after the next center pass is allowed.
  • The first center pass is decided by a toss between two captains.
  • No player is supposed to keep the ball with him/her for more than three seconds before shooting the ball or passing it to another player.
  • No matter whether the player is holding a ball or not, but he/she cannot move freely in the areas not designated to them.
  • Footwork rules are to be followed strictly or else a free pass will be awarded to the opponent team.

Equipment needed in Netball

Since Netball is a game like that of Basketball, there are various equipment needed for the game to have a complete setup for Netball competition. Below is the list of equipment needed for a game of Netball:

  • Goal Post: A vertical goal post of 3.05m tall is needed at the midpoint of the goal line on both the sides. The only difference it will have from Basketball is that there will be no backboard supporting the goal post.
  • Player Outfit: Every player should have a proper outfit and the team should be in uniform with the same type of jerseys with player numbers marked on their back of the jersey. Shoes are very important without those players are not allowed in the court.
  • Ball: Since this is the game of Netball, a ball is very important. The size of the ball should not be less than 69-71 cm in circumference and weigh in between 0.4-0.45kg.

Support gears: To have a safe Netball competition, support gears are very necessary for players such as knee guards, ankle guards, rock tape, etc.