Amazing Team-Building Ideas for Australian Companies


For most people, team-building is not exactly the epitome of having a great time. Then again, we are seeing a wave of innovative events that are sure to capture imagination and interest. They keep things fresh and exciting. Besides, Australia is a huge landscape teeming with opportunities, so brace yourself. It is time to look beyond the typical and dull occasions and truly inspire your employees. Explore these fun and interesting ideas to give them something to remember and cherish.

Escape Rooms

This novelty concept translates video game mechanics into the real world. Namely, you lock your team members in a room and then give them clues on how to find their way out of it. These escape rooms are specifically designed with groups of employees in mind. They put problem-solving, communication, and other vital skills to the ultimate test, aside from providing a fun experience. If this does not teach them to work together and cooperate, I do not know what will.

Bubble Soccer

One of the new, oddball trends comes in the form of bubble soccer. As a competitive sport, it requires two teams attempting to beat each other in an action-packed match. The main difference between this and traditional soccer is the fact that in bubble soccer, players are encased in an inflated torus, which covers their upper body and head. There is a lot of falling and bumping into each other, which means laughter and fun are guaranteed. There are plenty of places around the country where you can book a bubble soccer event.

A road trip

How about you capitalize on the fact that Australia is home to some of the most iconic road trip opportunities in the world? These amazing adventures allow employees to get to know the country and each other better. Just to name a few, you can go for a Great Ocean ride, the Red Centre Way, the Savannah Way, the Gibb River Road, etc. In case you have a small team, you can get behind the wheel. With a larger collective, you can opt for companies organizing Sydney to Canberra bus rides. Take your pick.

Paintball/laser tag

These two activities are considered some of the best in terms of team-building benefits. They promote strong teamwork and swift decision-making – qualities that come in handy in the business environment. Employees can feel the adrenaline rush while having to devise smart tactics on the fly. Moreover, they can finally forget about deadlines and to-do lists and bond on a deeper level. On top of that, both paintball and laser tag tend to supply collectives with amusing talking points for weeks to come.

Great white shark spotting

Another killer idea to awaken the team spirit is great white shark spotting. Yes, you heard it right. Some providers in Australia offer group cage diving that involves close encounters with primeval predators of the sea, also known as “Jaws”. This event sends chills down the spine and teaches people how to conquer their fear. And I mean, after looking a shark in the eye, business challenges and obstacles will look much less scary.

Rally the troops

Team-building events have rightfully earned a bad rap, but with the right ideas up your sleeve, you can turn this situation completely around. It is possible, after all, to throw some cool events because Australia provides no shortage of options. So, get creative about giving your team a boost and try to think outside the box. Offer people a chance to escape the daily hustle and bustle and connect in a meaningful way. They will start working hand in hand towards company goals and going the extra mile if need be.