An Island Surfing Detox: A Tour of the Hawaiian Islands

Tour of the Hawaiian Islands 2020-World Executives Digest
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WorldExecutivesDigest|An Island Surfing Detox: A Tour of the Hawaiian Islands|Surfing aficionados may go around the globe, but nowhere else has the allure of the Hawaiian waves. From sun-kissed beaches, tropical waves and views that have inspired people from around the globe, Hawaii has become a physical representation of peace and relaxation. When looking for the perfect surf getaway, take the time to consider a Hawaiian vacation from the world.    

The Big Island 

Where better to begin your island tour than on the big island. If looking for a social media detox, then the beaches of Kona have got you covered. For beginner surfers, check out Kahalu’u with surf shops and classes abound, there are plenty of options to get your water vacation off to a great start. If looking for a bigger challenge, try out Banyans Beach. Be sure to take the time to try out some of the famous Hawaiian poke or other seafood specialties that fill the various eateries around the area. Don’t forget to take advantage of the other land-based attractions, from hiking to volcanoes, Hawaii’s biggest island earned its name for more than just its size.  

Valley Isle 

Just the name Maui conjures an image of paradise. The waves of Honolua Bay attract surfers from around the globe. The waves at Pe’ahi Beach, known as Jaws Beach to those in the know, will challenge you no matter how good you think you are. Even just for sightseeing, Pe’ahi Beach offers events full of spectacular waves and some of the best surfers in the world all in one place. In the evenings, you can always enjoy some of the luxury accommodations and world-class eateries and bars that will make your Maui vacation unforgettable.  

The Gathering Place 

You can’t talk about surfing in Hawaii without discussing the island of Oahu. With its famed Waikiki Beach and the Banzai Pipeline, Oahu has taken the lead in world-class offerings for surfers. The beaches of Oahu are the perfect vacation spot for any surf lover. For the foodie in you, the city of Honolulu offers a variety of eats, from Michelin chef-run restaurants to no-frill traditional Hawaiian fare. This capital city is changing the Hawaiian food scene, bringing world-class dining to the middle of the ocean. If the beaches and food weren’t enough to attract you, the island offers historical tours, whale watching and breathtaking views to tempt you.   

The Garden Isle 

The fourth-largest of Hawaii’s islands, Kauai is mainly covered with rainforest, earning its nickname “the Garden Isle.” However, the forest backdrop of this island offers some of the most interesting spots for beginner surfers. When not hitting the waves, take the time to explore some of the state parks that cover this island. One of the benefits of this tree-covered island is the opportunity to find some of the lesser-visited sites for a perfect romantic trip. Take the time to relax and disengage from your busy life on this tranquil paradise.   

Molokai and Lanai 

The last two of Hawaii’s surfable, and visitable, islands Molokai and Lanai are a bit more of a struggle to visit. You can take either a ferry or flight to get to Lanai, however, Molokai is only accessible by flight. While these smaller islands may not cross your radar, they are great day trip options for a surf on one of their less crowded beaches. It is important to note with some of the controversy surrounding visiting these islands, being a conscientious visitor will help you be greeted with open arms as the islands are slowly gearing up for an overhaul with tourism. If looking for a quiet and more private day out, these islands’ beaches will provide a welcome sanctuary from the crowds.  

Who doesn’t deserve some peace and tranquility? Give yourself a tropical surf vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Embrace the surfer mindset and say aloha to your next island destination. The waves are waiting for you.  

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