An Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Right Wedding Caterer

The Right Wedding Caterer

World Executives Digest | A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without good food, music and dance. Food is one of the most quintessential things at a wedding. It is said that the way to a person’s heart passes through the stomach. At a wedding if you ask a guest how a wedding was the very first thing that they would describe is the wedding food. A guest might forget the grandeur of your wedding but the taste of the food continues to linger on their minds.

India is a foodie’s paradise and with the availability of different cultures the variety of food different from place to place. Right from Punjab’s Sarson da Saag, Rajasthan’s Dal Bati, Mysore’s Dosas, to Kolkata’s Doi Mach, U.P’s Bedai Sabzi the variety of food available in India aptly justifies the Indians foodie nature. No matter in which part of India you’re getting married the grandeur and lavishness of your wedding depends upon the variety and quality of food served. With the availability of numerous wedding caterers in the market finding the ideal one is a dainty task. Are you looking for the top wedding caterers in Kolkata? Wondering how to find the perfect wedding caterer? Then here we have brought for you a complete guide that would steer your search for the wedding vendor in the right direction. Here have a look!

  1. Budget

Everything in this world comes with a price tag! Weddings are an expensive affair and the wedding catering takes for the major wedding budget. To escape burning a hole in your pocket it is better to have a budget for the wedding catering. Having a preset wedding budget also prevents you from spending more than what you intend too and it also aids in leaving the chances of negotiation with the vendor for the final costing.

  1. Venue

The choice of the style of the wedding catering depends upon the type of a venue. Many wedding venue offer in house catering services and if you’re not for their catering services then you need to check their wedding venue management. Some venues like hotels, banquet halls charge extra for use of their kitchen facilities. Also the wedding venue space plays a key role while selecting a catering style, like for buffet dinners and food stations you need more space.

  1. Cost

While searching for wedding caterer, get quotations from them that enlist their services and costing. The quotation also includes their per head cost and their cancellation policy. To get the best pricing it is better ask for quotations from different vendors. Quotations received from the caterers guide your search for wedding caterer in the right direction.

  1. Service

It’s your wedding and you would want only the best for your wedding. Food is the most essential part of an Indian wedding which is the service of the caterer and the quality of the food matters the most. While hiring a wedding caterer search for one who offers the best service. Also it is advisable to opt for a wedding catering service that fits within your budget.

  1. Time Saviour

Weddings are tiresome, and the food cooking and supervision needs a lot of time. Hiring a professional caterer will save you time and also from the hassle of inspecting the food prepared. A wedding caterer ensures that the food is prepared within the set time without comprising on the quality and the taste of the food. Select a wedding caterer who can get the food cooked within a short span of time.

  1. Quality Of Food

It is important to taste a sample of the dishes that you want to include in your menu. Food sampling helps you to check the quality and the taste of the food that you’re about to serve at the wedding. Book the top caterer to get the best food in the city. You can add or subtract the dishes to fit your budget. A top caterer would never compromise on the quality of the food.

Did you find your wedding caterer? Tell us in the comments below about which catering style are you opting for at your wedding.