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Denny Joson, World Executives DigestAn Apt Solution for Dental Problems | Dentures are not a perfect solution to dental problems but at the same time, these are not as awkward and obvious as they were once upon a time. With the advance in technology and the latest equipment used they seem as natural as original set of teeth. With recurring tooth problems and when there are no other options available opting for dentures seem to work out as a ‘near’ perfect solution. There are many reasons why we suffer from dental problems; this might be due to negligence of our teeth in our childhood or probably diseases like diabetes.

Reasons why Dentures work an Apt Solution:

  1. Opting for dentures is a quick way to fill those gaps of missing teeth. No one would wish to move around with gaps in their mouth. You tend to lose your self-confidence and are embarrassed in public. These can be made in a couple of days. You have the choice of partial dentures or even full dentures, depending on the situation.
  2. You need to know that opting for dentures you are comfortable while speaking, eating and chewing. They function just as normal teeth.  The best being that you are confident of your looks with the dentures chosen in the right manner.
  3. Dentures do not require any exotic materials and are made of materials which are readily available. People can use from natural colored denture, or that which matches with their gum color. Although metal plates provide a stronger base, they are not accepted much, as they ruin the overall aesthetic beauty of a face.

Types of Dentures:

You have options between the removable dentures and fixed dentures.

  • Removable Dentures: Removable dentures work out an affordable option and the full dentures in this type are held in place with dental adhesive, suction or even combining both. Those who wear them can remove them ether once a day or even twice to clean them.  This option, though affordable, need to be replaced over a period of time as the structures of our mouths change over a period of time. These require refitting. This requirement depends largely on age and also the dental condition of an individual. You need to be aware that using dentures which are fitted badly can cause infections or pain and even bone loss in the tissues supporting this.
  • Fixed Dentures: These dentures require four to six implants for holding them in place. A minor surgery is carried out where small structures like a screw ad made of titanium metal are fixed in the jaw bone. These metal structures tend to fuse with the natural bone with the passing of time and lead to stronger foundations. These dentures tend to give a feeling of stability as compared to the removable dentures.

What is the initial cost of the fixed dentures? Are they removable?

The initial cost of these fixed dentures is more as compared to the removable ones but you tend to save in the long run as there is no requirement of getting these adjusted or replaced with the passing of time. There might be a requirement of temporary set of teeth while the implants heal.

Whatever type of dentures you opt for it is necessary to look for a reputed dental clinic where you have only experienced professionals. You do have the option of conducting an online search but then you will need to go through the different reviews and ratings posted here to ensure you are making the right choice. It is worth the effort and pain of searching for an ideal dental clinic like the Dentist in La Habra when, at the end of the day, you are able to live in a comfortable manner and eat and smile the way you used to.