Are Soy Candles Really Better Than Regular Candles?

Soy candles | Are Soy Candles Really Better Than Regular Candles? | Don’t you just love the smell of a holiday candle? It is scented candle season, and with it comes the complications of using typical wax candles. They are hard to clean, never burn as long as you would like, and their production is bad for the environment.

So where do you turn when you want a solid, long-lasting, eco-friendly candle? It is an easy answer: soy candles. That is right, candles made from soy are the answer to all of your candle related grievances.

We invite you to read on to discover more about soy candles vs regular candles!

What Are Soy Candles?

We’re glad you asked. Soy candles are candles with wax made from soybean oil. Soybean oil gets extracted from soybean plants, making it all-natural. Ecologically, soy candles are infinitely friendlier than regular wax candles. Here’s why:

Normal candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a colorless and odorless material made from petroleum. Petroleum comes from processing crude oil, a nonrenewable resource used for gasoline and jet fuel. Merely creating paraffin wax emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a leading cause of climate change.

A 2009 study from South Carolina State University found that burning paraffin wax can even have negative health effects.

Contrarily, we have soy candles. They are naturally made, burn without soot, and are typically scented with essential oils rather than artificial fragrance. What’s not to love?

Other Benefits of Soy Candles

Yes, there is even more. Besides the environmental factor, soy candles also burn up to 50% longer than regular candles. Their cleaner, longer burns will allow you to say goodbye to the days of candle dissatisfaction.

Soy candles burn cleaner, too. Normal wax candles create a lot of black soot when they are burned. If you use candles very frequently, they are even known to fade the paint on your walls and stain your furniture and carpets!

Soy candles, on the other hand, do no such thing.

In fact, they are even a healthier option for families with children or those with vulnerable respiratory systems. It is known that wax made from vegetable oil does not burn as hot as paraffin wax, so the danger of being burned by hot wax is lower. This is great news for families with pets or small children, who are more likely to spill candle wax.

Even better, soy candles possess no carcinogens that are sometimes found in paraffin wax candles. If all of this doesn’t convince you of the victor of soy candles vs regular candles, then we’re not sure what will!

The benefits of soy candles are endless.

Soy Candles vs Regular Candles: Making the Right Choice

After reading this article, you have hopefully found all the information you need to say that soy candles are the way to go.

Are soy candles better? YES!

Soy candles are environmentally friendly, are vegan, burn longer than their paraffin counterparts, and do not produce any harmful black soot. Put the safety of your friends and family first and get a soy candle today! Soy candles vs regular candles? Soy all the way!

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