Art Storage: A Practice To Be Traditioned

This Is How to Reduce Clutter in Your Home Art-Storage

Art is any form is a treat to watch. The work an artist puts in, in creating his/her masterpiece is something amazing. The skillset they use, the dedication they pour in, the hard work they showcase, all these efforts makes an art piece its significance. Now, nothing in this world is meant to last forever so is the art. But we can surely extend its life my keeping it safe and in environment where it can be preserved. This is where Art Storage comes into play. Now, Art Storage is basically the practice of making proper collection of different art pieces and forms, may it be paintings or sculptures, monuments or any other art pieces. Storing and preserving various art pieces is itself an art in its own right. It can also be considered as science as Art Storage requires precision to store different art forms accurately which ensures it longevity.

Art storage for large art pieces

There are many such valuable art forms or pieces that need to be stored for the future generations. One of the well-known examples for the concept of art storage is the painting of Mona Lisa. The famous painting made by one of the world’s famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, this work of art had been created in the renaissance period and its storage journey involves an interesting tale. In order to protect it from any kind of further damage, the original painting has been stored safely at some other place while a replica has been displayed for the normal public. Such kind of large sized art pieces, like Royal antiques, need a larger and better space for proper storage. Museums, collection centres, etc. are the proper places where such art antiques can be stored in a safe and secured way. This is one way of storing it ethically and willingly. However, nowadays this concept of art storage has come up as a professional opportunity for many organizations.

In many countries abroad, there are organizations or firms that offer people the storage of their valuables at reasonable rates. This storage may be temporary, such that meanwhile house renovation work is in progress, the family leaves their valuable art pieces at these collection centres, and then takes them back once the renovation of their house is complete. Or it may be a permanent storage option too that is leaving of the object at art storage collection centre.  Structure relocation can be executed in case of preserving monuments or buildings of historical importance.

This is the reason why art storage also demands appropriate storage spaces as per the type and size of the object to be stored. While deciding the storage place, not only the object but also the environment of that place has to be considered, like temperature, humidity, lighting, pest management etc.

Another aspect of Art Storage: A mini world

Art storage is not only meant for those that are made by some renowned artists. Any art form whether created by a renowned artist or not needs to be stored perfectly for the coming generation. In this section we can consider maintaining and keeping all the art equipment properly in place, thus following a kind of art storage. For example, maintaining an art room too is a part of executing the art storage. A proper art storing facility must always be resistant to fire. It must be built with non-combustible materials of steel and concrete beams. So that, in case of fire inside the building, the art centre remains undamaged! These buildings must have only one entry and exit. There must be no emergency exits to the facility!