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Tempus Watch Store | Ever wonder the name of the thing that connects the watch case and strap? How about that small rotating knob or the button on your watch? Whether you are a watch collector, buyer, seller, or repairman, your knowledge about watch parts can give you a lot of ideas. You’ll understand why a watch has an expensive price, you’ll distinguish if it’s a high-quality watch, or why it’s rare and unique.  The following are the basic parts of a watch you should know:

Watch Parts That Indicate

Dial.  The watch part where you actually check time is called dial. Part of its components is hands and hour markers (for the analog version). The dial is also served as a canvass for watchmakers for their arts or designs and complications.

Hour marker. Digital watch has a very simple time display—yes, that simple numeric value. The beauty of traditional or analog watches is they have hour marker. Usually, an hour marker has 1 to 12 number signs, dots, diamonds, musical notes, or any indicators.  Whatever style of indicators your watch has, per piece of it represents an hour.

Hand. Each of the two pointers that work 24/7—till the watch’s energy drops—is called the hand.  The longer hand points measure of minute, while the smaller hand points measure of the hour.

Watch Parts That Protect

Case. If case serves as the facade, the case serves as the housing of a timepiece. It can be made of plastic, ceramic, gold, silver, rhodium, or stainless steel metal. What’s important to note in checking the case is it should be sturdy. If it’s not, all watch parts in the interior such as dial and movement are not well protected.

Bezel. Every watch has an exterior ring that can be also simple or intricate. Sometimes watchmakers also put a feature or complication that usually an indicator of distance or time zone in bezel. But whatever design of the bezel is, the main function of it is to bind and seal “the cover” of the watch case.

Crystal.  The above mentioned “cover” is called crystal. Crystal is transparent glass, sapphire or plastic which allows you to check dial, but at the same time, barred elements such dirt to directly reach the dial. Thus, a superb crystal should be tough and scratch-resistant.

Watch Parts That Secure

Lugs. To wear a wristwatch, the case should be well connected to a strap. This is where lugs come in.  For a wristwatch, there is a lug located in the upper, south or 12 o’clock position, and another lug which positioned in the lower, north or 6 o’clock position. If you like to replace your watch strap, often or not, checking the watch lugs is essential. Lugs determine the width and length of the strap you should buy.

Strap.  The strap is one of the noticeable watch parts and it can be made of metal, nylon, plastic or leather. While it’s good to value a watchstrap’s aesthetic factor, you should give weight more on its functionality.  After all, the strap is the one that secures your timepiece is comfortably embracing your wrist.  Thus whenever you buy a strap, you need to check the quality, material, and parts of the strap. The parts of strap to check to include keepers, free loop, buckle, and adjustment holes.

Watch Parts That Control

Crown.  From time to time you need to adjust the time in your watch and wind its movement (mechanical).  You can do this through little knob in your watch or the crown, which seated in the right, west or 3’ o clock position of a watch. To adjust the time or date, you need to gently pull the crown.

Pusher. Some watches have pushers, apart from the crown, to serve as buttons for other watch features. You can usually see pushers in watches with different complications like an alarm clock, light, stopwatch and more.

Tempus Watch Store presents you with a great invention right on your wrist, every watch is made of a set of mini-materials that engineer to give accurate time.  Knowing most of these parts may not give much bearing, but if you think it, if not because of these parts, we don’t have functional accessory to use day by day.


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