Basics of Keeping Your House Clean 

Basics of Keeping Your House Clean | Residing in a hot and humid climate can have many benefits. But a clean house is certainly not one of them. The humidity alone can cause molds to grow in various corners around the house, especially on carpets. If you live in a warm city like Sydney and have experienced this problem, you probably should contact professional carpet cleaning in Sydney services.

Have you ever visited someone’s house and wondered in awe how clean the place looks? The trick to keeping a clean house is not a trick at all. It is a matter of planning, resourcefulness, consistency and execution.

Fundamentals to Keep in Mind

  • Create a schedule

Make a list of things that you do daily. Categorise them according to priority and ascertain how much of your time they take up. The best way to fit cleaning chores into your schedule is by dividing and conquering. 

You can set specified time limits and days to clean specific sections of your home. This way, you will have a clear picture in your mind, which will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

  • Get in the groove

Do not underestimate the power of habit. A common problem with most people is that they defer the cleaning process to a later point in time. Get in the groove of cleaning minor stains, splashes and anything that can be done in under two minutes immediately. This habit will prevent a piling up of tasks later on.

  • Reduce 

An effective way to declutter a house is to limit the number of things occupying any particular space or room. It is crucial to ascertain the necessity of each item. If found unnecessary, you may consider selling or donating it away.

Another good way to declutter is to arrange a place for everything. For instance, if you have children at your home, it is good to have a specific area or container for storing toys.

  • Join hands

Once you have the schedule down, you will know all the cleaning tasks to undertake during the week. If possible, try to involve every household member in the cleaning process. If you have kids, this is an excellent way to teach them responsibility. Assign age-appropriate tasks and teach them how things are done whenever necessary.

Main Areas to Clean


Machines and appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, AC, etc., should be cleaned periodically. Cleaning them will ensure their longevity and also prevent any development of germs. You can use a steel cleaner for tackling greasy appliance grimes.


A kitchen is a messy place if not taken care of properly. The best rule to keep the kitchen clean is to avoid procrastination. After every meal, wash those plates, clean the countertops and give the floor a quick sweep if necessary. Try to keep a clean and organised pantry and refrigerator. It is time saving and healthy.


Carpets are like blank canvases for dirt, germs and tough, resilient stains. They should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. For a deeper clean, you can consider steam cleaning or hot water extraction. If you have stains that won’t budge, you may try professional carpet cleaning in Sydney services. A Google search will show you a host of options to choose from if you live in a different city.


Bathrooms are storehouses of germs and bacteria. Keeping the bathroom clean is essential for the well-being of each family member. Clean the sink and the mirror daily. Spritz some washing liquid and scrub the sink clean. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off splash stains from the mirror. Scrub the toilet, shower and tub at least once every week. 

Keeping a house clean is tedious work. It requires time and effort. If you’re perplexed as to how to go about it, consider getting professional help. But before you do, always ask for the complete, or at least approximate charges, for better planning and transparency.

Author’s bio:  Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.