Beautiful Trophy Display Cases for All Types of Awards

Beautiful Trophy Display Cases | Beautiful Trophy Display Cases for All Types of Awards | If you’ve ever accumulated a lot of trophies or other types of awards, you should keep them in display cases.

It’s always important to remind yourself of your achievements, and an award display case is the best way to do it. Whether in your home or office, your awards show you how far you’ve come. They are a great way to boost morale and help you motivate yourself to keep going.

So how do you find a great award display case?

This quick guide will show you how to find the right display cases for your awards.

For Your Trophies

The first thing you’ve got to do is gather all your trophies in one place. If you’ve got a few trophies, you can fit them in all in trophy cabinets. These can display a few trophies huddled next to one another.

You can also invest in a separate trophy cabinet for each of your trophies. If you keep these cabinets in your office, you can place them in different areas of the office. This way, your guests can walk from one trophy cabinet to another.

This gives the impression that your office is a museum of your achievements. Each trophy serves as a different exhibit.

Use a Bookshelf

If you have an empty bookshelf, this is also a great way to display all types of awards. Trophies should get kept at the topmost shelf of your bookshelf. When looking at a bookshelf, the topmost shelf is what grabs our attention first.

Other awards, such as certificates, should be at eye-level. A trophy is impressive even if one doesn’t read the engraving on the base. However, for a certificate, you want others to come closer and read the text on it.

You might also want to alternate your awards by placing the different types of awards next to each other. You can keep one certificate on a shelf and then place a trophy next to it. Another option is to keep your trophies in the center, using your certificates as your bookends.

On the Wall

Your wall is another great option for showcasing your awards. Make sure you choose a wall that has a lot of space. You also want to make sure the wall is empty. It’s not wise to display your awards on a wall where you hang photographs or artwork.

Make sure to spread out your certificates when you hang them. By giving them space, you make it easier for visitors to read each certificate without feeling overwhelmed.

You can also install wooden wall shelves to the wall. These are where you can place your trophies. Make sure to alternate between certificates and trophies as you would on your bookshelf.

Show off All Types of Awards

Now that you know the different ways to display all the types of awards you have, you can figure out what you prefer. Try to dedicate a particular room or area in your home/office for these awards.

You want your awards to seem like museum pieces that you and others can admire.

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