Benefits of using Aluminium Slat Fence as a Shield for the Residence or Office

Aluminium Slat Fence

Ashley Kinsela, WED |  Aluminium slat fence is made mainly out of the element aluminium. It is an innovative architectural style of solid material to provide attractive and strong fences for residences and industries. Because of its cost-effectiveness, durability, longevity and corrosion resistance, it has gained popularity in the past few years. It can be customized in width and length, giving variable gaps in between the slats, with various pillars in sections – which provide privacy and airflow, depending on the need of fencing.

Advantages of using aluminium slat fence to give protection to buildings

  • Cost-effective way to protect: As aluminium slat fence is lightweight, and manufacturing is done with less-specialized techniques, it comes at a low cost, compared with other stylish metal fences. Unlike wrought iron and steel, aluminium fence does not require repaint or re-staining, which further leads to deductions in the cost of maintenance. It is coated with powder paint during production, which liquidizes the paint on the metal surface – due to which the fence will linger for years without corrosion, as compared to other metals. Aluminium fence is also weather-resistant, which enables the manufactures to provide longer warranties for any untoward repair or damage.
  • It does not rust: Because of its fusion manufacturing process with powdered aluminium element and fused paint, aluminium slat fence can resist corrosion for decades. Whereas steel, wrought iron, and wood fencing are likely to be prone to termites and rot, aluminium fences will last longer.
  • Maintenance is low: Wrought iron, steel, and wood require repaint and re-stain. Aluminium slat fence does not need this. It is easy to clean because of the smooth surface and finishing. It has weather-resistance qualities – such as during the harsh conditions of cold and hot seasons it will not deteriorate. It will not wear off because of its fused multiple coats of aluminium and powder paint, which will last for years.
  • Secured medium: A defensive and strong fence is very important to safeguard a property. Whether it is a house or industry fencing, aluminium slat fences are harder to breach. All good-quality fences provide a level of security, whereas some fences are easily breakable. For example, a chain-link fence can be easily cut with a cutting tool and a wood fence can be scaled, but an aluminium fence, especially with spear pickets, provides more safety and is difficult to climb or cut through for an intruder or thief.
  • Rackable: This is one of the advantages of having aluminium fence for a property as they are rackable. This means, if there is an uneven yard or sloppy land, they can be adjusted and fitted along the bottom of the surface to avoid any gaps – to keep away intruders. All fencing material will not be able to fit on an uneven land, but aluminium fence is adjustable.
  • Warranty: Because aluminium fences are stronger and have multi-resistance qualities, most of the production companies and industries provide a long-term warranty.
  • Versatile: Apart from all the qualities, they come in a wide range of colours. Many prefer the regular black or brown coloured fence, whereas, now one can choose the best hue to match with their property shade.
  • Durable: Aluminium does not rot or submit to corrosion, whereas iron fencing will disintegrate with time. It is evaluated that aluminium will take decades to dissipate. Iron and steel react more to moisture, whereas aluminium reacts less, which makes the latter more durable and stronger.

Aluminium slat fence is durable, versatile and affordable. For a long run of maintenance and quality fencing, aluminium fence should be one of the best choices for residential and industrial companies.