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With the rainy season upon us, it is important to be vigilant and prepared for the worst-case scenario: heavy downpour. Though we all wish we could just stay at home and avoid the rain, sometimes we just cannot avoid having to brave the elements to run errands or go to work. In such a case, you need to be well-equipped and properly dressed for the occasion to protect yourself from the wet weather as well as to remain presentable. Here are some key items to keep in your wardrobe for any rainy day.


Rainy Season umbrella
A portable umbrella is easy to carry around

This first accessory may not be something you wear, but an umbrella will always be a great accessory to have on hand during the rainy season, especially because it can be used even when the rain goes away. When picking an umbrella, remember to consider your commute. A standard umbrella would always be preferred with less moving parts and a stiffer construction, but not everyone can carry a full umbrella around all the time. It is more practical for a lot of people to bring around a portable umbrella which can be folded and kept easily. Just try to find one with robust enough construction so you do not find your umbrella turning inside-out in the wind.


Rainy Season jacket
Reversible parkas are light and versatile

A full-on raincoat is still the best protection from the rain for your upper body, but if you need something more versatile such as something you can wear to work and to a night out with friends during the rainy season, you can try looking for a waterproof jacket. These are more stylish and can be used for a variety of situations, not just the rain. Some jackets have even more versatility by being reversible. Waterproof jackets are always preferred over sweaters when it comes to wet weather as sweaters would absorb the moisture, make you feel colder, and weigh you down, which is the opposite of what you want. Waterproof jackets such as parkas are often light enough to not be a hassle to bring around and wear, but protective enough to keep you dry and warm.

Waterproof Shoes

Rainy Season shoes
Boat shoes give great grip in the wet while not sacrificing looks

When people think of waterproof shoes, they usually think of rubber boots. There is no denying these are the most effective for floods, but they may be a little too much for a morning commute during the rainy season. Also, they are practical, but not the most stylish. The good news is that there are a lot more casual styles available that are advertised as waterproof. An example is boat shoes, which limit the amount of water that seeps into them but also provide great grip in the wet. Compared to rain boots, they are also a lot more stylish and even quite formal if you are looking for something to wear to work.

Water-resistant bag

Rainy Season Bag
Water-resistant bags keep your valuables safe from the rain

Aside from keeping yourself dry, it is important to keep your valuables dry as well. A water-resistant bag is a great accessory to have for the rainy season so that you can protect all your valuables from the elements. A lot of bag manufacturers go for the nylon cover solution, needing to wrap the bag to make it waterproof. However, there are also many, more stylish options that provide water-resistant qualities without having to manually wrap the bag. Remember to look for a water-resistant bag that fits your needs such as having hidden pockets to protect your most valuable items or having a sleeve to protect your laptop. There are many options out there, so there is no need to settle.

Waterproof Watch

Rainy Season Tissot
The Tissot Gent XL Classic is both stylish and waterproof

Watches are essential to everyone’s daily routine. A lot of what we do is dictated by time, so the importance of having a watch on you cannot be overlooked. For the rainy season, having a waterproof watch is not only practical but also a great style accessory. In terms of practicality, just looking at your wrist and not having to pull out your phone to check the time while in the middle of a downpour is quick and easy. You also avoid risking getting your valuable electronics wet and causing damage to them. In terms of style, there are a wide variety of waterproof watches available. If you need help selecting the right waterproof watch for you, you can visit Tempus. They carry a vast collection of brands, watch types and designs, that are sure to fit your sense of style and practicality.


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