Best Brain-Training Websites and Games

7 Impressive Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy Brain-Training Websites | Best Brain-Training Websites and Games | It does not matter the age of a person. Whether you or old, we all love to have a fully active brain that can remember things easily. But how do we achieve our mental stability? Well, it can only be through training our mind through different ideas. The best way to train the brain is by playing games. The games will keep the brain active and functional all the time. Let us discuss some of the best games and websites where we can all train our minds.

Here are the best websites and games for the brain by Assignment Geek:

  • Happy Neuron

Do you want to improve your memory? Do you have a problem with being attentive always? What about being fluent in a specific language? Well, if you desire to achieve all these, then happy neuron is the place to be. It is a website that customizes the games according to your preference, then monitors your progress. However, using the website will attract a subscription fee monthly, though there is a free trial for you to analyze if the site suits your need. 

  • Crosswords

I love crosswords a lot. Crossword is a brain-training game that will not only improve your memory but also improve your language proficiency. The best thing about crosswords is that you can play games both when online and offline. You will get such games on online platforms, newspapers, and free game websites. However, you can as well choose to buy a book that has crosswords, and there are books at different levels. Select the best one for your needs. 

  • Sudoku

Many people love playing Sudoku. It is a well-known game that improves your memory and attention. You must think ahead before playing the game to keep track. Since you have to be sure when placing the boxes, the activity improves the concentration of the brain. You can play such games through your phone, books, online, newspaper, and even in books. When starting, begin with the easy level to learn the tips and tricks before engaging in the most complex ones. 

  • Lumosity

You can sign up for free to join Lumosity. It is the best website for mental fitness and brain training. The best aspect of Lumosity is that you can track your progress. However, the site offers three games each day, but if you need more, you can subscribe to a fee. iOS and Android users can use the website.

  • Braingle

Braingle is the best website that has a collection of games, puzzles, and other brain teasers on online platforms. You can sign up for the site for free and enjoy such games and improve your memory management.


The brain is a vital organ that plays a significant role in the life of a person. To keep the mind active, it is recommendable to play various games and puzzles that will stimulate the brain to think and improve concentration. The above websites and games are meant to enhance your brain. You can always try them out, plus many more.