Best Carpet Styles To Increase The Size Of Your Room

Best Carpet Styles To Increase The Size Of Your Room

Best Carpet Styles To Increase The Size Of Your Room | You may not have considered it before but your choice of carpet can significantly affect how big, or small a room feels. In most cases, people want to make their room feel larger. However, there are times when a large room can feel overwhelming and you will appreciate the right carpet making it feel smaller 

It is worth noting that when you consider carpeting you should pause to take a look at carpet tiles. Today, these offer the same benefits and comfort as any carpet but they can be easily replaced if damaged or stained. That makes carpet tiles potentially a better investment. 

Here are the carpet styles you should be considering to increase the size of any room.

Lighter Colors

You are probably already aware that lighter colors increase the light and feeling of space in any room. That s why interior designers generally use pale colors on walls. The same is true when considering your carpet. 

However, you don’t generally want to go for a white or even an off-white. These are difficult to keep clean and will quickly leave the space looking and feeling tired. Instead, opt for lighter tones, such as cream, beige, and even pale versions of the colors you want to put on the walls. 

The lighter floor will reflect light making the room feel larger.


Patterns are generally not very popular in modern homes. However, you may still like a pattern as it helps to break up the floor and makes the room more interesting. If you are using patterns the trick is to use a large pattern.

The general rule is large patterns for large spaces. Therefore, if you have a small room with a large pattern it will instantly feel larger. This is because your eyes don’t register the number of times a pattern is repeated. Instead, they note the size of the pattern on the floor and automatically base the size of the room on this pattern.

The Weave

One of the best weaves you can use is a broadloom. This creates a consistent look across the carpet and you can even use stripes to help ensure the eye is drawn away from you and to the furthest point of the room. This alters the perception of the room and makes it feel much longer than it actually is. That ensures a small space feels larger.


Another way to make a small space feel larger is to layer the floor. That means adding a rug over your carpet or carpet tiles. The secret is in choosing the right size rug. 

Your rug should never fill the entire room. But it should be large enough that all the furniture in the room is on the rug. This creates a gap around the room and the furniture which makes the room feel bigger. At the same time, the added layer on the floor increases the depth f the room, giving the perception of a larger room. It is that simple.