Best Places To Stay In the Maldives

Best Places To Stay In The Maldives

Best Places To Stay In The Maldives | Enveloped in crystalline blue water, palm trees dancing passionately on the music of love, the sun dipping down the horizon with a promise to bounce back, Maldives is surely one of the top tourist destinations in the world that attracts thousands of globetrotters every year.

Many tourists call this place an attractive garden curated by nature as a gift to the world, the tourism of Maldives is famed across the world for its pristine offerings. Right from the striking blue water, corals reefs, beach walking, sunbathing, to water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, the Maldives has a lot to offer. 

So, if you are planning your trip to the Maldives and looking for the best places to stay, we got you covered. Based on the client reviews and the services offered, our travel experts have hand-picked a few best resorts to make your stay cozy and comfortable.

Alimatha Aquatic Resort

No matter if you are a beach or a mountain person, you are going to appreciate the luxury Alimath has to offer. This hotel has curated a personalized island for its guests and has a spacious beachside bungalow where you can spend a good time with your friends and family. 

Apart from the luxurious stay, this resort has a lot of fun activities to do. You can enjoy some recreational water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, etc. To satiate your appetite, this luxury resort has both bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves a variety of food to choose from. They house some of the best chefs serving Italian, Maldivian, and other continental delicacies to please your taste buds. You can also enjoy their in-house spa treatment and body workout sections to relieve stress and rejuvenate yourself.

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Reethi Faru Resort

Want to plan something outside of your regular life? Perhaps for a day or two. Unwinding in a tropical ambiance of Reethi Faru Resort, located on Filaidhoo island can be a considerable option. An approx. 45 mins of speedboat ride from the domestic airport to this sumptuous resort, is worth enjoying.

This resort is known for radiating a cozy tropical resort vibe and make its guests feel at home. Talking about the restaurants and bars, this opulent resort has six restaurants and six bars created by an international chef, Chef Sreekant. Satiate your hunger with the most delicious and authentic Maldivian dishes, along with multiple international cuisines, special wood-fired pizzas, BBQs, and a lot more. They also have a comprehensive drinks menu, which will surely quench your thirst. Reethi Faru Resort is also known for its well-equipped fitness facilities to keep all fitness lovers hooked. 

Meeru Island Resort

Meeru Island Resort stands out as one of the best resorts in Maldives. People from all over the world visit this place to delve into festivities, especially during the magical time of the year. 

This exotic location is situated in North Male Atoll and to reach here, you will have to take a seaplane. To pamper you while your stay, this resort offers a myriad of staying options to choose from. They have 284 luxurious rooms including 77 Jacuzzi water villas, 27 waterfront villas, 83 Jacuzzi beach villas, and 20 gardens.

Everything, right from serving the Maldivian cuisine, continental dishes to your plate to offering recreational water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sightseeing, this resort is a perfect getaway for your vacations. The rejuvenating spa treatment available at the resort is meant to make your experience even more relaxing. You will surely have a fantastic time staying here.

 Atmosphere Kanifushi, Maldives

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives is an exquisite holiday destination located in Lhaviyani Atoll, a secluded island that quenches one’s soul with tranquillity. Located at a distance of 4Km from the Male International Airport, transfer arrangements are available at the resort that one has to pre-book. However, most people prefer seaplane to reach this destination.

The Sunset water villa with a pool and rich interior decor; a huge picture window allows the refreshing breeze to soothe you. Diligently curated outdoor wooden private pools provide ample personal space to unwind. 

Dining night at this gracious resort is where you can have the authentic taste of classy Italian, Maldivian, and other continental dishes. This affluent resort also attributes a classy segment of cocktails, mocktails, and other premium brand drinks. Apart from the fine dining options, there are a good deal of non-motorized water activities and offbeat experiences like snorkeling, excursion, fishing that will make your stay memorable. This place has a complimentary serenity in the view which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Kuramathi Maldives

The notion behind this personalized island is that people think it is precisely for luxury-seeking honeymooners which is not true. It is a prime location for newly wedded couples but the resort is suitable for everyone. Be it the solo traveler wandering in the search of a secluded spot or a group of close friends and family looking for a comfortable luxurious stay, Kuramathi Maldives is perfect to cater to all your needs.

To satisfy the taste of diverse guests and lift the mood, this resort has 12 beautiful restaurants and 7 bars. Wide spacious areas covered with shimmering white sand give rise to a wide range of refreshing activities and games. To focus on the joy of young tribes, resorts have an exclusive option for clubbing. Amidst the wilderness and a slow streaming ocean, nights here are exceptionally therapeutic

Outrigger Konotta

Outrigger Konotta is the next on our list of best resorts in the Maldives. The enchanting ambiance of this place allows globetrotters to experience wellness amidst the crystal clear water and breathtaking view. This resort sits heavy on a remote island namely, Gaafu Atoll. At 30 minutes distance from the airport, visitors primarily prefer speed boards to cover the journey.  

Outrigger Konotta has a wide range of overwater bungalows, beach villas, and a massive presidential villa. Enjoy the scenic beauty of this place with a glass of wine in your hand. You can delight the sense of your taste with the array of authentic dishes dipped in Maldivian culture. 

In addition to that, pamper yourself at the massage center, dive in the zeal blue ocean to discover corals and reefs. Spending time at Outrigger Konotta is like putting your soul to rest while your body and mind work at their own pace.

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Olhuveli Beach & Spa Maldives

Finding an ideal place to live that complies with your interest can be a tricky task. However, we have Olhuveli Beach & Spa, which is one of the top-rated resorts to live in when in the Maldives. This resort is just 45 minutes away from the airport and to reach here you can either pre-book a speedboat or simply rent one after stepping down the flight. The place is nestled with top-notch greenery all around and a white crystal sand beach that opens up the door to paradise.

One can easily let go of all the stress and recreate themselves while taking a stroll around the beach. This sophisticated resort has a well-furnished fitness center for fitness freaks and rejuvenating spa to reconstruct your tiered soul. Having everything from fine dining to a luxurious bar, this place has everything that you will need for a comfortable stay.

The Maldives is one of the most visited places in the world. It has all sorts of thrill, adventure, refreshment, and tranquillity to offer. And these resorts will surely add up to the experience. Remember your journey is all about elevating ecstasy at your own pace, so enjoy the most of it.