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World Executive Digest | Best Stylish Watches for Women 2020 | New Year, New You. 2020 is here, and what better time than now to start the journey towards the new, better you. Start the year off on the right foot with a positive mindsight and the willingness to work hard to achieve your goals. A key ingredient to succeeding this year is by building your self-confidence and believing that when you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

There are many ways you can build your confidence. You can start looking after your physical health through proper diet and exercise. You can strengthen your mind by joining workshops or reading books to gain knowledge and rest your mind through mindful meditations. These are the usual ways people build confidence, but there are also other unique ways you can build confidence that you might have never even thought of.

We live in a world where your image and look can change the way people judge you, so you often feel pressure to look your best. However, if we do put in the effort to look good, we actually begin to feel good ourselves. The complements we start receiving could give us the validation we never knew we needed. We might do this by buying new outfits and replacing our entire wardrobe, but why not start with an accessory which can go with everything you wear.

Watches are more than just devices we use to tell time. It is much more than that. Watches are statement pieces that people use to showcase their own personal style and taste. Watches are an extension of an individual’s personality. But also, watches are accessories that just help you look better. If you pick the right design, your watch could become an integral part of your identity for years to come. Many designs from decades ago became classics which are still stylish and sought after today.

If you are in the market for a timepiece, here are examples of stylish watches 2020.


Tommy Hilfiger – Mother of Pearl Collection

Tommy Hilfiger Mother of Pearl Collection

Nothing says timeless like the lustrous beauty of pearls. Pearls are the most unique gemstones as they are the only ones that do not come from the earth; they come from the sea. They have been treasured and considered valuable for centuries, and cities like Qatar were built on the pearl diving industry.

In societies past, pearls were worn only by the privileged few. In the Byzantine empire, for example, laws stated that only the emperor could wear pearls. In this day and age, pearls are more accessible, but their image of luxury remains. Just like they were hundreds of years ago, pearls are still just as stylish and might never go out of style.

The Tommy Hilfiger – Mother of Pearl Collection features a mother of pearl dial that gives it a unique, yet elegant look. The collection comes with a variety of options, from different watch case shapes and sizes to different bands and materials. You can go with a square or round shape, gold, silver, or rose gold color, leather or metal watch straps. There are a lot of options here, and you are bound to find one that fits with your personality and style preference. You cannot go wrong with whichever you chose though, as the pearl dial will always give your timepiece that touch of timeless elegance.


Aries Gold – Enchant Fleur Collection

Aries Gold Enchant Fleur Collection

When purchasing any accessory, we often look at minimalistic designs since they often stand the test of time. They are also less likely to clash with whatever you choose to wear. However, there are designs out there that give you a little flair and help you stand out without being too over the top. It is a tricky balance having a beautiful, unique design while still being subtle and understated enough not to be a distraction.

Luckily, Aries Gold was able to accomplish this balance of beauty and minimalism with their Enchant Fleur collection. The Aries Gold Enchant Fleur has a stunning floral design dial that looks like a work of out. There are a number of designs to choose from, but all of them look like a master painter used the watch face as their own personal canvas. They are stunning.

In terms of technical specifications, the watches are made of stainless steel and come with a genuine leather strap. They are very thin at only 9mm and have a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It runs on a quartz movement and is even water-resistant up to 5atm.


Citizen – Eco-Drive

Citizen Eco-Drive

Watches not only have to be stylish, but they should also be practical. You will have your watch on your wrist for the duration of your day, and you depend on it to remain on time and on schedule. The worst thing to happen for a watch is for it to suddenly stop working. Once you glance over at the time unaware that it has been stuck there for hours, you are well on your way towards disarray and chaos. The second you realize what the actual time is, it would already be too late.

Advancements in technology have helped create watches that are not only more accurate but also more reliable and long-lasting. The Citizen Eco-Drive is no exception. Citizen claims that the maximum deviation of the watch is plus-minus 1 second per year. This precision is impressive, but the Citizen Eco-Drive has another trick up its sleeve. The Citizen Eco-Drive technology ensures that the watch can be powered by any light, natural or artificial, meaning you will never have to replace its battery.

The great thing about the Eco-Drive is that it not only functions amazingly, it looks stunning as well. The Citizen’s Ladies Crystal timepiece with Eco-drive technology has a stainless steel bracelet inset with genuine Swarovski crystals for something truly luxurious and eye-catching. The Axiom collection features a variety of stainless steel designs. They have a tank-style design that incorporates the watch face seamlessly in the band like a bracelet. They also have a helix-style watch band that is unlike any other. For a more traditional but classic looking timepiece, there is also the Chandler.

Different watch manufacturers have different ways the execute watch design, so being able to have options is very important when selecting the watch that best suits your style. Luckily, you can visit The Watch Store PH for the latest collections from brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Aries Gold, and Citizen. They have dozens of styles for you to choose from, and you can be assured that they are all genuine. Also, they have the best designs and the most stylish watches in 2020.