Best Way To install Artificial grass DIY guide

Best Way To install Artificial grass DIY guide

Best Way To install Artificial grass DIY guide | If you are looking for a way to improve your outside space then you may have considered artificial grass. It’s a lot less hassle than growing and maintaining real grass! 

However, before you make a decision and discover how to install artificial grass, it’s a good idea to consider what you will be using the space for. While artificial grass looks great, it doesn’t offer the safety benefits that rubber playground flooring does. 

In other words, if you’re creating an area for children to play, the rubber playground flooring is a better option.

Equally, if you have an area for entertaining you may prefer to install decking instead of artificial grass.

Once you’ve decided on artificial grass and decided that you don’t need professional help, here’s how you install it. 

Get Your Tools Together

The first step is to collect all the tools you need, this will prevent you from having to stop halfway through. You’ll need a weed-resistant underlayer, tape and dedicated grass glue, shovel, tape measure, hardcore, and some sharp sand. A Stanley knife can also be useful, along with a few small wooden posts and string.

Mark the Area

You’ll find it much easier to lay artificial grass if you mark the area where you want it to go. You can insert posts into the corners of the area and then run strings between them. This tells you where you are working.

Clear The Area

Next, you’ll need to dig the area. Your aim is to remove the topsoil, this prevents grass from growing underneath the artificial grass you are installing. The cleaner the base the better. You can use your shovel to do this. 

Make sure you have somewhere to put the topsoil. If you prefer, you can use a turf cutter to get this stage started. 

Compact the Ground

It’s important to have level ground for your artificial grass. You’ll want to do this part properly which means hiring a vibrating plate or a roller. The aim is to have densely compacted ground that is also smooth.

Weed Membrane

Put your weed membrane down on the smooth compacted surface. It’s best to stake the corners in place and use tape to join pieces together, ensuring there are no gaps in the underfloor.


You will now need to spread the hardcore across the smoothed surface. The simplest calculation is one ton of hardcore per 10 square meters of artificial grass. This will also need to be compressed to get the best results. 

Rolling Out Your Artificial Grass

Finally, you will be ready to lay your artificial grass on the area. Start at one corner and roll the grass out, using pegs to hold it in position. You’ll want the pile facing toward your house and it’s best to do this stage gently to avoid disturbing what you’ve already laid.

You’ll need to tape between grass sheets and you can also glue to ensure you’ve created a solid layer of artificial grass. To get the best results leave it three hours before taping and gluing. But, remember to read the instructions first as they can be slightly different between brands.