Best Ways To Protect Your Luxury Vehicle From the Summer Heat

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Best Ways To Protect Your Luxury Vehicle From the Summer Heat | The summer is here, and so is the time of sticky and hot leather seats. No one likes opening their car door and getting slapped in the face with the wafting heat and humidity emanating from the car’s interior. Unfortunately, whether you park in a garage with an indoor car cover or park outside under a tree, you cannot completely escape the summer heat. However, using custom fit car covers and other tricks, you can protect your luxury vehicle from the summer heat.

Keep the A/C On and the Windows Up

While you might love the wind in your hair as you drive around town, the best way to stay cool is by keeping the windows up and cranking on the A/C. If you are driving around town and decide to stop at a location quickly, do not roll the windows down. If you are only stopping for a few minutes, the car might remain cooler by sealing in the cool air. Obviously, when you get home and park in your garage, rolling the windows down might help maintain an even temperature between the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Park in the Shade and Use Sunshades

When you go to a store or work, try to park in the shade. You do not have to park directly under a tree because that can lead to other problems, like bird droppings or tree sap on the car. If you cannot find a safe, shaded area, use a sunshade — devices that cover your windshield to prevent excess heat and UV damage.

Wax Your Car

Speaking of preventing UV damage, wax your vehicle in the summer. Car wax can act as a UV protectant, similar to sunglasses and sunscreen for people. The wax can also protect the vehicle’s paint job and components from sun damage.

Why Should You Cover Your Car During Hot Summer Days?

You can use a BMW car cover with logo or some other cover that fits your vehicle to protect it against sun exposure. The UV rays from the sun can significantly damage the exterior and interior of your car. However, the interior is likely more at risk, especially if driving a newer vehicle.

A breathable car cover can help prevent damage from the heat and sun. However, you want to make sure you purchase a breathable, all-weather cover that will provide maximum protection against UV rays and heat.

What Damage Can the Sun Do to Your Interior?

Leather interior and other materials and fabrics are susceptible to sun damage. For example, leather can dry out and crack if not correctly maintained in the summer. Additionally, car fabric can become discolored if left in the sun too long and too often.

Do not leave your car unprotected this summer. Contact a local auto parts dealer near you and ask about the best protection methods against the summer heat and UV rays. Additionally, ask about the best all-weather car cover, and purchase it to protect your luxury vehicle.